The Top 5 Play-to-Earn Mobile Crypto Games

The Play-to-Earn gaming model is becoming ever more popular among players. This creative type of game allows users to benefit from their in-game possessions, creating plentiful earnings prospects. Furthermore, GameFi is becoming increasingly widespread, with games suitable for using on PCs as well as mobile gadgets popping up by the day. The impact this trend is having on the world’s economy and culture is evident and substantial.

The blockchain gaming industry is quickly adapting to the increasing demand for mobile gaming experiences, and it’s easy to see why – smartphones have become ubiquitous in people’s lives. That said, various P2E crypto titles have emerged across both Android and iOS platforms. If you’re looking to engage in a one-of-a-kind gaming session, here are five noteworthy options to consider.

What is Play-to-Earn Gaming?

If you’ve ever heard of the term “play-to-earn games”, you know what these games are all about: they give players an opportunity to make real money while gaming much like casino games. But here’s the twist: blockchain tech enables the P2E business model, making it possible for gamers to earn crypto and tokens IRL – that is, they are able to convert their winnings into real-world currency and cash out on their own terms.

Playing more leads to rewards for players, as they accumulate assets that grow increasingly valuable. The reason behind this is surprisingly straightforward.

The Top 5 Play-to-Earn Mobile Crypto Games


To find diversion and even a potential monetary payout, people have been turning to P2E titles designed for portable devices. To provide more information concerning these renowned games, let us take a peek at their primary selling points.

Top 5 Mobile P2E Games Worth Trying

Here are five gaming options in which the digital currency is shaking up the gaming market:

1. Splinterlands

Introducing Splinterlands, the captivating card game inspired by the pioneering advancements of blockchain technology and designed for players of all levels. The game itself allows players to traverse a realm of mythical creatures featuring over 100 cards to collect and build themselves an arsenal of powerful spells and dueling strategies as they challenge opponents from around the globe in epic battles.

Splinterlands also allows users to have 100% ownership of their NFT cards. These cards can be used to engage in battles for rewards, kept as collectibles, and traded in digital marketplaces. The game’s proprietary token, SPS, acts as a governance asset. To start playing Splinterlands, players will need to purchase a summoner’s spellbook in combination with 3,000 credits for a total of $10.

2. Crazy Defense Heroes

If tower defense is your style, this action-packed card title could be right up your alley. To secure your victory, you need to create a kingdom-saving strategy with structures and powerful abilities, as well as collecting cards to customize and maximize your protection.

The Crazy Kings franchise utilizes the Ethereum blockchain-based TOWER token as its native utility token. This currency is utilized to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens associated with the franchise, as well as access-cards for tournaments and special events. Additionally, TOWER serves as the voting governance token for participating in various political activities.

3. Blast Royale

Blast Royale, an ultimate Web3 combat experience, puts your best gear on and joins other brave warriors in frantic action-packed battles. You’ll need at least three equipped items to join a ranked game. While fighting your way up, make sure to pick up some ammo, health boosters and special rewards hidden across the map.

Blast Royale

At the heart of the game is a two-token system, distinguishable by their utility; BLST is the key token for governance, while Craft Spice (CS) serves as the secondary. Your performance in matches and number of kills you put up will land you trophies and CS tokens as compensation.

4. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is an absorbing NFT game focusing on breeding and exchanging exclusive digital cats. It offers an expansive variety of digital cats, all of whom have their own distinct attributes and distinguishing features. Those characteristics ascertain the cats’ rarity in addition to their capabilities, delivering a feeling of originality and worth to every CryptoKitty.

Combining traits to produce rare and desirable critters, gamers can gain bragging rights by exhibiting their kitties, competing against others, and even trading their furry friends with other like-minded players utilizing the blockchain technology.

5. Meta Apes

In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has vanished and apes rule the new order, there comes Meta Apes – an enthralling Web3 game with no entry fee. Every Meta-Ape features unique capabilities to enhance as they explore the terrain. Victory lies in dominating space, joining forces with one’s clan and claiming the champion spot in the race to outer realms.

Meta Apes

The game weaves together two distinct tokens to regulate its economy: SHELL and PEEL. SHELL is the primary currency that’s used to acquire all in-game resources, and PEEL tokens are used exclusively for game-altering upgrades. To receive these upgrades, the PEEL tokens need to be staked.


As we come to the end of this article, it is essential to stress that everyone has their own preferences, so no particular game can be labeled as absolutely the ‘most excellent’ one.

People of any gaming experience level or background keen on blockchain technology will find the possibility of playing for real-world rewards with P2E concepts interesting. There is a wide selection of in-game genres, from puzzlers to RPGs, and allowing players to potentially win real money may be worth looking into.

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