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The choice of a payment gateway can significantly impact the success of a business. In Uganda, a diverse range of payment gateways caters to different business needs, each offering unique features and benefits. This article explores the top seven payment gateways in Uganda, shedding light on their functionalities and advantages.

7 Best Payment Gateways In Uganda: Features and Benefits | PaySpace Magazine

The Role of Payment Gateways in Modern Commerce

Payment gateways play a pivotal role in modern commerce, especially in a dynamically evolving market like Uganda. They act as the bridge between merchants and consumers, facilitating the secure transfer of funds. In Uganda, where the financial landscape is characterized by a blend of traditional and digital methods, payment gateways are critical in enabling businesses to reach a wider market, including the unbanked population.

The emergence of these gateways is a response to the growing demand for efficient, secure, and versatile payment solutions. They cater to a variety of needs – from small-scale local transactions to large-scale international commerce. In this context, the choice of a payment gateway can significantly impact the operational efficiency and market reach of a business.

By the way, before delving into the specifics of payment gateways, it’s crucial to understand the broader context of Uganda’s payment landscape. Two insightful resources provide valuable perspectives: an article on “Payment Methods in Uganda” and an in-depth interview titled “Exploring Uganda’s Payment Landscape: An In-Depth Interview with a FinTech Expert“. These pieces offer a comprehensive view of how payment systems have evolved in the region.

7 Best Payment Gateways In Uganda

Let’s see what payment gateways in Uganda are considered the best.


DusuPay stands out in the Ugandan market with its robust API integration, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to seamlessly incorporate payment services into their existing systems. This gateway is particularly advantageous for businesses operating internationally, as it supports multiple currencies, facilitating efficient cross-border transactions. The emphasis on enhanced security protocols ensures safe and reliable transactions, a crucial aspect for businesses and consumers alike.

Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon, established in 2000, has made a significant mark in the FinTech sector with its range of financial products. Its Merchant Services are particularly noteworthy, offering an innovative e-payment system that connects a diverse array of stakeholders, including billers, merchants, and retail customers. The solution’s adaptability across both small and large businesses, coupled with strong support systems, makes it a versatile choice for different business models.

Pegasus Technologies

Pegasus Technologies focuses on efficiency and security, offering an e-payment system in Uganda that is tailored for businesses. This gateway facilitates internet payments through various methods, including Visa/MasterCard, Union Pay, and Mobile Money, and is known for its functionality to schedule payments and facilitate bulk transactions. Such features make Pegasus a reliable choice for businesses seeking a user-friendly and versatile payment solution.

Yo Uganda

Yo Uganda, a local solution, provides a platform that offers a variety of FinTech services, including bill payments and mobile recharges. Its commitment to supporting the local community makes it an attractive option for businesses aiming to engage with Ugandan consumers. The platform’s focus on mobile money transactions, a popular payment method in Uganda, makes it a strategic choice for businesses targeting a wide user base.


MTN, a leading telecommunications provider, has extended its services into the realm of online payments. Recognizing the convergence of telecom and finance, MTN offers a comprehensive payment solution, with its MoMo Payment Gateway being a standout feature. This gateway is particularly prevalent for mobile money electronic transactions, leveraging MTN’s extensive network and trusted reputation.

Future Link Technologies

Future Link Technologies is known for its focus on payment solutions for microfinance institutions. Its services are tailored to the unique needs of small-scale businesses, enhancing financial inclusion and supporting the growth of smaller enterprises with specialized payment services.


Flutterwave has emerged as a popular payment gateway in Uganda and across Africa, supporting a wide array of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. Its low transaction fees and easy setup process make it an advantageous choice for businesses, individuals, and non-profits. Flutterwave’s user-friendly platform is beneficial for businesses seeking a seamless and efficient payment solution.


Each of these payment gateways offers unique advantages, making them suitable for various business models and consumer preferences. Given the prevalence of mobile money as a primary payment mode in Uganda, these gateways equip businesses with essential tools to effectively access this market. When selecting a payment gateway, it’s crucial for businesses to consider aspects such as transaction fees, security features, and how well the gateway aligns with their business model and operational scale.

For businesses seeking a comprehensive and adaptable solution, Akurateco’s white-label payment gateway emerges as an excellent choice. Its customizable nature allows for tailored integration with a business’s unique requirements, making it a strategic tool for those aiming to solidify their presence in Uganda’s digital payment landscape. With Akurateco, businesses can leverage a platform that not only meets their immediate transaction needs but also scales with their growth and evolution in the market.

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