7 Fun Chat Games to Play While Video Chatting With Your Matches

Video chatting with your online matches can get dull once the standard questions are out. You may find yourself struggling to keep the conversation flowing. Luckily, turning your video chat into a game can spice things up and allow you to have more fun getting to know each other. This article will explore seven chat games perfect for playing together during virtual dates. These activities will liven up your video chats and bring you closer to your matches in no time.

7 Fun Chat Games to Play While Video Chatting With Your Matches

#1 Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a simple but entertaining game that lets you know the other person better. One person shares three statements about themselves – two are true facts, and one is a total lie. The other player has to guess which statement is the fib. This is a great icebreaker to chat with girls online, as it provides an interactive way to trade personal details and see how well you can decipher fact from fiction.

To play, have each person prepare three statements about themselves – from basic facts to wild anecdotes – with two being true and one false. Keep a straight face as you take turns presenting your trio of statements.

The other player then asks follow-up questions if needed and tries to determine the lie. See who can outwit the other with the most convincing stories! This is a fun guessing game, and you’ll learn intimate details about each other in the process.

#2 Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a fun and interactive game for you and your video chat match. One of you will think of any person, place, or something specific that your chat partner won’t guess immediately.

Once you have your mystery subject in mind, your chat partner can start asking yes or no questions to figure out what you’re thinking. They get up to 20 questions, so encourage them to make their questions strategic based on your answers. You respond with a simple “yes” or “no” after their questions during the video chat. Seeing their facial expressions while questioning you can provide little clues!

Take turns coming up with unique ideas to stump each other and keep the game and conversation flowing. Twenty Questions helps you engage and get to know each other better in a lively video date activity.

#3 Categories

Categories is a rapid-fire game that keeps the conversation moving fluidly during online video chats. One person names a category – for example, animals, songs, or foods. The other player then quickly names something that fits in that category.

Go back and forth, each responding with a new fitting item when it’s your turn. The goal is to keep the pace upbeat, naming things off the top of your head before your chat partner. You should avoid repeating anything they already said. This game works your brain and reflexes!

Don’t overthink your response – the point is to keep the rapid volley going. Whoever hesitates, repeats an answer, or can’t think of something first loses the round.

#4 Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a silly icebreaker game that reveals your match’s preferences, values, and personality during video chat. One player poses a “would you rather” scenario with two absurd or impossible options. The other player chooses which option they’d prefer and explains why.

Would You Rather - questions during online date

Get creative with entertaining “would you rather” questions to ask during your online video date. For example:

  • Would you rather be able to fly or become invisible?
  • Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
  • Would you rather live in a house made of glass or in a cave?

The more outrageous the scenarios, the more hilarious the explanations! Don’t be afraid to probe deeper with follow-up questions about why they chose a particular option. This game opens up funny conversations about your date’s opinions, wishes, and imagination.

Take turns coming up with zany “would you rather” questions to ask each other. It’s an offbeat way to get glimpses into how the other person thinks while making each other laugh – which is what video chat dates are all about!

#5 I Spy

I Spy is a classic observation game that can easily be played over video chat. To start, one person looks around their environment and chooses an object they can see – a houseplant, mug, TV remote, etc.

They say, “I spy with my little eye something that is [color]” – naming the object’s color but not what it is. Their chat partner then starts guessing various objects of that color, while the spyer responds with “no” or “yes” after each guess.

Once the object is correctly guessed, switch roles so the guesser becomes the spyer. Some sample exchanges:

“I spy with my little eye something that is green.”

“Is it that houseplant?”

“Yes, you got it!”

“I spy with my little eye something that is gray.”

“Is it the couch?”


“Is it the TV remote?”


Observe each other’s backgrounds for hidden items to spy and keep the game going. The video chat format makes this guessing game even more immersive.

#6 Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics is a melodic video chat game where you and your match test your music knowledge. One person starts by singing or quoting a short snippet of a song’s lyrics. It could be the first line, the chorus, or any famous part your partner will recognize.

Your match then has to name the song and artist. If they get stumped, keep singing more of the lyrics as a clue until they can guess the song. Once they get it right, they sing part of a different song for you to identify.

You’ll learn about each other’s taste in music and may even do a cheesy duet or two. Video chat makes it easy to exchange lyrical lines.

#7 Story Time

Story Time is a creative game where you and your chat partner take turns building an imaginary tale one sentence at a time. One person starts with an opening sentence that launches the story. The other player then adds a sentence that logically continues the narrative.

Go back and forth, each contributing one sentence at a time to build up an imaginative story together gradually. Don’t overthink it; let the story unfold organically through your alternating creative inputs. Video chat is the perfect medium for watching reactions and playing off each other’s ideas in real-time.

Some example opening sentences:

“She opened the mysterious door to find…”

“As he walked through the forest, he stumbled upon…”

“The spaceship landed on a strange alien planet filled with…”

Let your imaginations run wild! Twist and turn the plot, introduce quirky characters, and journey to bizarre settings. The story can go in funny, dramatic, or nonsensical directions.


Video chatting opens up a whole new world of creative games you can play together from afar. The interactive activities we’ve covered will reduce awkward silences, produce laughter, and allow you to learn more about your matches in a fun way. So, try these engaging chat games next time you set up a virtual date. You’ll be surprised at how much closer they bring you, even from miles apart!

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