7 Must-Have Features on Web Platforms for Commodity Trading

Commodity trading allows traders to diversify into a different asset class. So, if you are willing to spruce up your commodity trading game, it’s time to know the essential features of the best trading platform that you need to pick for trading commodities like metal, oil, etc. For that, this article will help you.7 Must-Have Features on Web Platforms for Commodity Trading

Features of Commodity Trading Platforms

Just like stock trading, live commodity trading has become quite popular in recent years. Take a look at the top features that define a seamless commodity trading experience on web platforms.

1.Real-Time News Feed

Every second counts when you engage in commodity trading. Thus, you should choose a platform that offers live market updates in your news feed along with the latest trends and prices.

Traders can make informed decisions with instant access to accurate market data. Traders can seize these opportunities to make the most of favorable market conditions.

2. Low Brokerage Charge

You wouldn’t like high brokerage charges to erode your profits, right? With the right trading platform, you’ll benefit from significantly low brokerage charges.

While some platforms charge brokerage as a percentage of the overall value traded, the reputed ones charge a flat fee for each trade, regardless of the value. It’s wise to trade on one of these platforms to maximize your gains.

3.Advanced Charting Tools

Successful traders use advanced charting tools to visualize market patterns and trends. Go for a platform offering powerful charting tools and indicators that you can customize.

Reputed commodity trading platforms feature technical analysis capabilities and multi-timeframe views. This enables traders to monitor price movements and carry out in-depth analyses with confidence.

4.Risk Management Tools

Trading successfully begins with managing your risks and not maximizing your profits. Look out for a reliable trading platform like Dhan that comes with inbuilt risk-management tools like limit orders, margin calculators, and stop-loss orders.

5.Compatibility with Mobile

How about using a web platform that allows you to trade on the go? Choose a platform offering compatibility across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Mobile compatibility ensures that you can monitor markets, execute trades, and manage your portfolio anytime and anywhere.

6.Research and Analysis Resources

Comprehensive resources for research and analysis significantly strengthen your trading strategies. Go for a web platform offering market insights, educational materials, economic calendars, and news feeds. Fundamental analysts and technical traders find these research tools immensely helpful.

7.Robust Customer Support

Make sure to choose an online commodity trading platform with an agile customer support desk to assist you instantly. Whether you have inquiries related to accounts, trading strategies, or transaction-related queries, knowledgeable customer support can bail you out.


Successful trading requires market knowledge, research, and a platform loaded with the most powerful features to execute the trade. Now that you are aware of the essential features of commodity trading platforms, if you want them on a single platform, the answer is Dhan. This is a feature-packed web platform where beginners, as well as seasoned traders, find the right set of tools and resources.

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