8 Artificial Intelligence applications that you must try

Artificial intelligences have advanced in recent years, demonstrating their usefulness for a wide variety of tasks. This excites some people and makes others nervous, but at the end of the day, they are still tools that will change the way people work.

8 Artificial Intelligence applications that you must try

That’s why we present you 8 artificial intelligence apps which are very useful, and you should try them.

Best applications with AI

With ChatGPT taking off, AI has been introduced more in our daily lives. Here, we chose these 8 apps specifically given the usefulness they demonstrate in their respective fields. Each one can save you hours and hours of work; learning to use them is not too complicated, and some even help you get through your day if you suffer from stress or anxiety.

All the apps presented have different functions, demonstrating the versatility of artificial intelligence today. Most of them can be found in the Store and are perfect for use on your mobile device, be it a phone or tablet. Let’s take a look at them.

DeepL Translator

One of the best translators currently available is DeepL. It works in more than 29 languages, including Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, American and British English, Japanese, and many others. It is also capable of translating with great accuracy, understanding colloquial expressions specific to the language with ease, and constantly learning through its AI.

It has several functions in addition to the classic translation of texts from one language to another. It allows you to translate texts present in images, translate photos in real-time, and even translate voice messages and your words into another language. This facilitates communication when you go on a trip. It is totally free and has a much more accurate efficiency margin than Google Translate, which is useful even for a business essay writer.

Imagine: AI Art Generator

AIs have demonstrated a huge ability when it comes to generating images, as we see with the MidJourney app. But with this app, you can make spectacular edits from your mobile. Just provide text commands and choose the right words to get highly detailed art. It’s great for creating wallpapers, covers, and original images.

For best results, you can choose from several styles, teaching the AI which images are closest to your desired results. The AI slowly learns and refines the results until it gets to the image you want.

Smart Typer – AI Keyboard

With the help of Smart Typer, it is much easier to compose messages. It advises you accurately to place the most appropriate words, whether for a professional message, a product description, a resume, the synopsis of a story, or even personal messages.

In case you are not good with words, the AI application writes the messages for you. You only have to choose the subject and the intention for it to start writing. After making the corrections you consider pertinent, you only have to send the message or post it wherever you want. Perhaps it’s the least intuitive, but it’s worth giving it a try.

Youper – CBT Therapy

If you suffer from anxiety or stress, Youper is a very useful tool to improve your habits and increase your physical and mental health. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, the app sends you exercises and activities that help you deal with anxiety. It also serves as a pocket companion that you can talk to and interact with.

The app has a premium subscription service with many improvements and new exercises. Keep in mind that Youper is not intended to replace the professional help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

ihancer: photo enhancement with AI

Need to fix a pixelated photo? This is another app that uses AI to help you edit quickly and with eye-catching results. It automatically increases the resolution, repositioning all the remaining pixels to give the photo a more natural look. When the AI is finished, you will be able to compare before and after.

You can import photos and images from your gallery. It is very effective at repairing facial photos and prevents you from looking pixelated by eliminating any artifacts that would clutter the image. However, it should be noted that it suffers from the same problem as other image-generating AIs: photos with fingers can look a bit distorted.

Copywriters looking to optimize search results through SEO will find very useful. The app allows you to see the quality of your content compared to that of your competitors. You see the keywords, questions, and topics they use to rank at the top of Google searches, which you can use to your advantage.

It is also a writing assistant that makes your work easier while summarizing all the content you are researching. At the same time, it generates texts automatically and is able to analyze competitors’ articles for you, reducing your workload to a great extent.

Moises: The Musician App

One of the best AI-powered apps that serves as an assistant for a music producer. Moises allows you to separate the audio of a song almost automatically, extracting the singer’s voice, the track, the instrumental, and more. It also incorporates an intelligent metronome capable of detecting chords and lets you remix tracks to unleash your creativity.

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