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Akurateco is proud to announce its strategic partnership with HAYVN Pay

A global white-label payment solutions provider, Akurateco, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HAYVN Pay, a regulated cryptocurrency payment solution for businesses, corporations, and institutions worldwide.

kurateco, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HAYVN Pay

With the partnership, Akurateco aims to make HAYVN Pay’s services available to its extensive client base. HAYVN Pay provides a seamless and efficient payment experience and rapid payment processing. Leveraging an extensive international network, HAYVN Pay’s adaptable payment infrastructure enables merchants to process payments using fiat currency or cryptocurrency without incurring additional charges.

Akurateco states that the objective of this collaboration is to advance the worldwide embrace of cryptocurrency payments among clients. Additionally, it will create another revenue stream for businesses using digital currencies for online transactions.

Commenting on the partnership, Vladimir Kuiantsev, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at Akurateco, said: “Strategic alignment with HAYVN is fundamental to enhancing the cryptocurrency payment landscape for Akurateco clients as the collaboration between Akurateco and HAYVN Pay empowers them to extend their global presence and broaden payment options.”

Jonathan Wood, Chief Commercial Officer at HAYVN, commented: “The partnership between HAYVN Pay and Akurateco is a significant step in fortifying the cryptocurrency payments landscape. Aligning with Akurateco plays a pivotal role in expanding HAYVN Pay’s reach and delivering a comprehensive payment solution to its clients globally.”

About Akurateco

Akurateco is a leading white-label payment software vendor, delivering cutting-edge solutions to merchants, banks, and payment service providers worldwide. The company offers a brandable PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment platform that combines the latest payment technologies, including payment routing, cascading, fraud prevention, tokenization, etc., and over 300 integrated banks and payment providers. The platform is strategically designed to establish a smooth, secure payment process and enhance the overall customer experience.

About HAYVN Pay

HAYVN Pay operates as a regulated and compliant financial network, overseeing the authorization, clearing, and settlement processes of consumer, merchant, and B2B transactions. HAYVN Pay offers the essential crypto-payment tools required for merchants to accept online and in-person cryptocurrency payments from customers worldwide, maximizing their revenue. With a global presence, HAYVN Pay aligns with regulatory standards and operates under regulatory bodies in Lithuania, Australia, and the Cayman Islands. Moreover, the HAYVN Pay platform incorporates robust built-in security measures to protect clients from potential fraud risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

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