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Akurateco Receives the Red Hoodie Award from Startup Wise Guys

A renowned white-label payment gateway provider, Akurateco, has recently received the Red Hoodies award from Startup Wise Guys (SWG).

Akurateco Receives the Red Hoodie Award from Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is a global accelerator fund for passionate B2B startup founders. With its origins in Tallinn, Estonia, Startup Wise Guys is one of the most active accelerator funds in Europe and Africa. The accelerator received multiple awards, being named the Hottest Accelerator at the 2021 Europas Startup Awards. SWG also won the Best Accelerator prize at the Global Startup Awards 2023.

From October 4th to 6th, Startup Wise Guys organized its annual getaway in Bilbao, featuring the prestigious Red Hoodie ceremony. The Red Hoodie is a symbol of recognition from SWG, granted to startups that have achieved 1 million EUR in financing or 100K MRR. Among the 400+ startups that have received investment from Startup Wise Guys, 15 have received the Red Hoodie award to date.

One of the esteemed recipients of the Red Hoodie was Akurateco, a leading provider of white-label payment software. Akurateco is renowned for offering an impressive array of over 300+ payment integrations and advanced technologies to empower payment service providers and merchants on a global scale.

Prior to the award, Akurateco completed the 5th batch of Startup Wise Guys’ Fintech Acceleration Program in 2022. The accelerator was centered around critical aspects such as business development, shaping and validation, sales, Fintech regulation, and fundraising. Throughout the program, Akurateco demonstrated an unwavering dedication to its ongoing development and expansion, leading the company to the Red Hoodie Award.

Andrew Riabchuk, the Founder and CTO of Akurateco, accepted the Red Hoodies on behalf of the company during the event in Bilbao. He noted: ‘We are immensely honored to be presented with the Red Hoodies by Startup Wise Guys. Special thanks to Cristobal Alonso, Juan Alonso-Villalobos, Razvan Suta, Herty Tammo, and Dag Ainsoo for continuously supporting Akurateco and inspiring us to move forward. This achievement signifies a major milestone in our journey and fuels our team’s determination to reach greater heights.”

With the continued advancement of Akurateco’s services, the company aims to earn its next award – the Golden Hoodie.

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