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Akurateco’s Intelligent Payment Routing Earns Second Place in Product Hunt Awards

Akurateco, a leading Payment Orchestrator, proudly announces that their innovative product, Intelligent Payment Routing, secured second place in Product Hunt’s esteemed Product of The Day award on September 15.

The Product Hunt community’s resounding support for Intelligent Payment Routing has been overwhelming, with over 400 upvotes and nearly 300 comments. Akurateco is deeply appreciative of this incredible response, engaging in meaningful conversations with fellow enthusiasts committed to transforming the payments landscape.

Akurateco's Intelligent Payment Routing Earns Second Place in Product Hunt Awards

“We’re thrilled by the enthusiastic response to Intelligent Payment Routing on Product Hunt,” said Andrew Riabchuk, Founder of Akurateco. “The support and valuable interactions we’ve had with our audience inspire us to pursue continuous improvement and innovation.”

Intelligent Payment Routing is set to revolutionize payment transaction management for businesses. It automatically directs transactions to the most suitable payment provider based on predefined criteria, addressing issues like declines and failed transactions, thus enhancing the approval ratio.

“We consider this recognition as just the start of an exciting journey,” Andrew continued. “We have more innovative solutions on the horizon, and we’re eager to unveil them in the near future.”

As Akurateco maintains its leadership in the payments industry, the company invites businesses, partners, and the Product Hunt community to stay tuned for groundbreaking developments that will further shape the payments landscape.

About Akurateco

Akurateco is a trusted name in the payments industry, offering innovative solutions to businesses worldwide, including the Payment Orchestration Platform and a White-Label Payment Gateway. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, Akurateco has observed the evolution of payment technologies, harnessing this knowledge to create cutting-edge payment solutions.

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