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Cutting-Edge Technological Solutions for Preventing Employee Theft

Surprisingly, businesses lose billions to employee theft every year. And theft in this context doesn’t solely cover commonplace items like pens and staplers. It also includes priceless property and information, such as customer data.

Cutting-Edge Technological Solutions for Preventing Employee Theft


The good news is that employee theft is preventable. And you can do it using solutions like alarm systems, access control, and video surveillance. Below, we’ve discussed these and more, including types of employee theft and tell-tale signs of this problem.

Here are several systems and solutions you can use to curb this problem and avoid immense losses:

1. Video Surveillance


You’ve likely encountered this sign countless times in banks, retail stores, private residences, etc. Most home and business owners nowadays use it to casually tell people a discreet or visible camera is filming or recording them.

You, too, can couple several of these signs with quality video surveillance systems and use them to discourage employee theft. And the best thing is that they can do an excellent job 24/7 without tiring or losing focus.

But to get the best out of video surveillance systems, hire expert installation services from reputable professionals. And if you can’t afford it presently, invest some money in Equiti forex trading and use the profits to kick start the project.

2. Access Control

Not every piece of information and resource in a company is always accessible to any interested party.

Take customer data as an example. In the wrong hands, it can bring down an entire organization and cause untold damage. The same applies to intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and other valuables.

Luckily, you can use access control systems to limit access to sensitive assets, property, and data. Only authorized personnel with the correct passwords, security tokens, or usernames can access secured information and resources when these are in place.

3. Alarm Systems

Most business owners consider alarm systems the holy grail of business crime prevention, and rightly so. After all, these solutions can effectively discourage external theft, keep workers safe, and, above all, prevent employee theft.

But, if you want an alarm system to help curb employee-related crime, professional installation isn’t the be-all and end-all. It would be best if you intertwined that with other effective measures, including controlling who has access to your system’s disarm codes.

4. Network Security

As mentioned, sensitive data is often part and parcel of many businesses. And data is susceptible to numerous security threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. Employees also steal data sometimes, significantly when departing.

Fortunately, you can secure sensitive data from prying eyes and ill-intentioned employees using network security. The infrastructure you can exploit for this purpose may comprise solutions like a firewall, security software, an antivirus, and email filters.

Your network security strategy should also feature regular updates, patches, and data backups.

5. Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring your workers’ activities can help you identify and stop theft. But, to do that, you need employee monitoring software. This form of surveillance gathers data surrounding various aspects, including employee location, computer usage, and productivity. And the best thing is you can use this solution to monitor remote or on-premise employees.

For maximum benefits, consider coupling employee monitoring software with solutions like web activity tracking, which analyzes the time employees spend on productive and unproductive sites. Email and call monitoring tools will also make your business safer.

Final Words

According to statistics, 75% of workers have stolen at least once from their employers and admitted it. And no enterprise is immune to this problem. Luckily, the technological solutions discussed in this article can help you curb employee theft. Try them today, and it guarantees you will be safe.

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