Fotor Review 2024: Free Photo Editor and AI Image Generator

Deciding on the perfect photo editing software that aligns with your distinct requirements can be a daunting task. There’s a broad spectrum of software available, and deciding which one is right for you can be a bit of a challenge.

Fotor Review 2024: Free Photo Editor and AI Image Generator

On one end, you have highly intricate software that seems to be primarily designed for professional photographers. The steep learning curve associated with mastering such tools can make them intimidating for beginners or casual users. On the other hand, there are tools that are overly simplified, failing to provide the necessary control and precision that you may need for your photos.

Fotor is an exceptional photo editing program that beautifully bridges this gap. It positions itself between these two extremes, providing a comprehensive suite of editing and design tools that cater to both novice and seasoned users. The tools are powerful enough to satisfy professionals, yet simple enough for those who are just getting started with photo editing.

In this piece, we’ll delve into an in-depth review of the Fotor photo editor. We’ll discuss its features, strengths, and potential drawbacks. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Fotor is the perfect fit for your photo editing needs. So, whether you’re a professional photographer looking for a powerful editing tool or a hobbyist seeking an easy-to-use software for your creative exploits, read on to see if Fotor could be the right choice for you!

What is Fotor?

Fotor is a highly versatile photo editing tool that is accessible in various forms such as an online platform, a downloadable desktop application, and a mobile app. This flexibility to opt for any of these three versions depending on the user’s preference contributes to its user-friendly nature.

The web version, which can be used from any computer as long as there is internet access, offers unmatched convenience, especially for users who are always on the go. On the other hand, the mobile app version of Fotor is not only convenient but also ranks among the top photo editing apps in the market today due to its exceptional features and user interface.

Each version of Fotor, be it the web version, desktop application, or mobile app, is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless user experience and workflow. The software is equipped with a multitude of tools geared towards enhancing the quality of your photos. A notable feature is the auto-color correction that can drastically improve the appearance of your images with just a single click.

Fotor offers three core features, namely Edit, Collage, and Design. The Edit feature allows for comprehensive image editing, while the Collage feature enables users to create stylish and sophisticated collages with ease. Furthermore, the Design feature is a powerful tool that enables users to undertake impressive graphic design projects, thereby expanding the scope of the software beyond just photo editing.



Absolutely nothing at all. That’s right – there is a basic version of Fotor which is completely free, now and forever. The tools and features included in the free version are generous and more than enough for light to moderate photo editing.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to the paid version, you’ll be pleased to hear that Fotor is very affordable, with competitive pricing. Fotor costs just $47.99 for an annual membership, or $8.99 if you choose to pay monthly.

Main Features

Main Features

Fotor stands out in the realm of online and desktop photo editors by providing a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience. It’s immediately apparent that the design of Fotor apps was not a simple endeavor, but rather a project that required significant effort and resources. The features on offer are truly impressive, the layout is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the overall user experience is one that is certain to leave a lasting impression.

Upon installing and launching Fotor, users are greeted with three clear-cut choices: Edit, Collage, or Design. Each option is clearly labeled, making it effortless for users to navigate and choose the feature that best suits their needs. In addition to these choices, the desktop version also includes a Batch feature, further enhancing the versatility of the application. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the capabilities of each of these options, providing a detailed analysis and our assessment of their effectiveness, and how they contribute to making Fotor a top choice for photo editing needs.

Edit Section

Fotor has a remarkable photo editing module, which is equipped with an abundance of impressive tools and effects that can transform your photographs into works of art. This advanced image editor offers you the ability to adjust colors to your liking, crop out unwanted edges, retouch your images to perfection, and experiment with a variety of Scenes, filters, borders, and textures to give your photos a unique touch.

The interface of Fotor is designed with users in mind. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and intuitive. To begin editing, all you need to do is upload your image. Upon doing so, you will be presented with a comprehensive list of editing options on the right side of your screen. Each feature is designed with a similar layout, ensuring a seamless transition when you switch between tools. This thoughtful design allows you to locate the tools you need quickly, making the editing process efficient and enjoyable.

One of the distinguishing features of Fotor is its remarkable compatibility with a plethora of image formats. Notably, it also includes the rare capability to edit RAW files – a feature that is typically absent in free image editors. This means you can bring in high-quality, unprocessed photos directly from your camera and edit them to your liking. However, it’s worth noting that the ability to edit RAW files is limited to the desktop version of Fotor. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the online photo editor. This is a small limitation, but it is more than compensated for by the other extensive features this photo editing tool offers.

Scenes Tools

Scene is an incredibly handy and versatile utility that provides you with the capability to modify the illumination settings of your picture. This tool offers an impressive selection of 13 free lighting settings, which include but are not limited to options such as Portrait, Sunset, and Flash. These settings have been carefully designed and calibrated to help you enhance the visual appeal and quality of your images. However, it is important to note that the ‘Auto’ option, which is available with the paid upgrade, may not always be the best choice for improving your images. Despite its convenience, the ‘Auto’ option has been observed to not effectively enhance images or make them more visually appealing and of high quality. In fact, it can often result in excessive color saturation, which can distort the true colors of the image, and introduce a significant amount of noise, especially in the background. This can detract from the overall quality and clarity of the image, so it may be beneficial to explore and experiment with the other available settings to find the ones that best suit your photographic needs.

Effects Module

The Effects menu, one of the key features of this software, offers a diverse set of twelve complimentary effects, along with an expanded selection of seven additional premium options that are available upon upgrading. The effects that come without any additional charge are subtle and tastefully designed, ensuring that the visual appeal of your photos is enhanced without the effects becoming too dramatic or overwhelming.

Among the selection of free effects, you can find a variety of choices that cater to different styles and preferences. These include Cinematic, which gives your photos a movie-like quality; Classic, which imbues your images with a timeless appeal; Disposable, which recreates the unique look of disposable camera photos; Retro, for a nostalgic, vintage feel; and Mono, which transforms your photos into striking black-and-white images, among others.

The premium effects, which are worth considering for the additional diversity they bring to the table, include Filmatic, Purity, Artistic, Groovy, Mellow, Returned, and Spring. These offer a wider range of stylistic options and creative possibilities for your photo editing process.

Experimenting with different Effects to find the one that best complements your photos is an enjoyable and creative process. Every effect has the potential to transform your photos into a masterpiece, depending on the subject and style of the photo. The quality of these Effects is impressive, particularly when you consider they’re part of a free photo editing program. Their performance can easily stand up against more expensive software options, making this program a commendable choice for both amateur and professional photo editors alike.

Collage and Design features

The Collage feature in Fotor makes it easy and straightforward to produce eye-catching collages. It offers a vast selection of ready-to-use templates in various styles, so every user can find something that matches their preference. To get started, simply upload your photos. Then, you can choose the aspect ratio that suits your vision for the final product. The last step is to organize the pictures in a way that pleases you. By adding your own creative flair, you can turn your photos into a unique and striking collage.

While the Design module is only equipped for basic design operations and lacks advanced tools, it still serves its purpose effectively. It may not support the creation of entirely original designs, but it allows users to tweak existing photos. Among its features is the ability to adjust images to the necessary dimensions for various social media platforms, which is a significant advantage for regular posters. Even though its design abilities are limited, it does not lessen its practicality. In fact, its features are time-saving as they eliminate the requirement for continuous manual changes in format and size, a daunting task when handling numerous images. Therefore, despite its shortcomings, the convenience and efficiency of the Design module render it a useful asset for basic design activities.

AI Functions

AI Functions

Fotor’s AI photo enhancer is a tool designed to address the issue of low-quality or blurry images. Users simply upload their chosen image and Fotor’s sophisticated AI technology automatically improves the image quality. The user-friendly process requires minimal input from the user. Once enhancement is finished, the user can download the upgraded image and share their high-quality photo as they wish. Fotor’s AI photo enhancer is an efficient and easy solution for enhancing both personal and professional photos.

Fotor offers a free, AI-powered tool that is capable of instantly removing the background from any image you have. This revolutionary feature is not just efficient – it is also extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is upload your chosen image, and watch as Fotor’s advanced AI technology swiftly and accurately identifies and erases the background. Once the AI has completed its task, you can then save your newly edited image as a PNG file. This streamlined, automated process is significantly less complicated and much more time-efficient than the traditional method of manually tracing around the object in your image and then using complex tools to remove the background. With Fotor, you can achieve a professional-looking result with minimal effort and time.

Fotor’s advanced free AI image generator is designed to take your written text and seamlessly convert it into visually striking images. You are only limited by your own imagination! Whether it’s a concept, phrase, or any other creative spark, simply input it as a text prompt. But that’s not all – you also have the power to dictate the aesthetic of your generated image by choosing the style that best fits your needs. Be it digital art for a modern look, a realistic photo for authenticity, an immersive 3D design for depth, or a classic painting for elegance, the choice is yours. Enjoy the freedom to create with Fotor’s free AI image generator.

Wrapping Up

Despite bearing a few shortcomings, Fotor stakes its claim as one of the leading economical and free photo editing software available in the market today. It offers an impressively comprehensive set of editing tools that far exceed what you might ordinarily expect from a software of its cost. The versatility of Fotor is another of its strong suits, as it can be accessed through a variety of platforms – online, on a desktop for both Windows and Mac systems, or even on your phone.

Fotor emerges as an excellent fit for novice photographers aiming to dip their toes into the vast ocean of photo editing and graphic design. It’s also an ideal software for those looking to create eye-catching collages or edit photos on their phones for social media purposes. Fotor stands out with its offering of a plethora of free services along with a reasonably priced subscription.

For beginners, starting with the free version of Fotor is a feasible option. This allows individuals to familiarize themselves with the tool and its various functionalities. If the software aligns with your needs and expectations, you might consider upgrading to Fotor Pro. This premium version unlocks the full suite of features, providing users with an even more robust and comprehensive photo editing experience.

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