Heroku is no longer free – are there any alternatives?

Heroku, a popular platform used by many programmers and developers from all over the world for web and app development has recently announced the shutdown of its free tier by November 28, 2022. On October 26, 2022, all inactive accounts will be removed from Heroku’s servers.

The decision of Heroku’s owners has thwarted the plans of users and inspired them to search for alternative solutions that offer similar features and opportunities for high-performance web and app development. That decision has paved the way for alternative platforms offering a range of similar features and possibilities. Discover different Heroku alternatives in this article to become familiar with the latest solutions offered for many disappointed users.

What is Heroku?

The Heroku platform was founded in 2007 by three developers, James Lindendbaum, Adam Wiggins and Orion Henry. Heroku as a well-designed and user-friendly cloud development platform was created to support the work of many web developers. Heroku offers a range of development tools and web-specific applications that enable programmers to manage the app development process (creating, delivering, monitoring and scaling apps).  Moreover, Heroku as a service has helped dozen of companies build and manage top-quality applications. That’s why many corporate websites owe their beautiful design to Heroku.

Who are the Heroku recipients?

Heroku has a range of potential recipients including:

  • Developers  designed to maximize developers’ productivity and maximize their effectiveness
  • Teams – ensure access to collaboration and communication tools between developers
  • Enterprises – provides enterprises with a range of high-performance apps
  • Students – provides students with the possibility of getting and running new projects and growing new skills

Why has Heroku ceased offering its free product plans?

Many former and current users of the Heroku platform are surely wondering what prompted Heroku’s decision to stop providing free services to its users. Many people still ask that question today. Some internet users state that Heroku’s decision to shut down its free services is a slap in the face of every kid, student or anyone else interested in web development. The official reason for the shutdown of the free tier of Heroku is fraud and abuse of Heroku’s free product plans.

Although the Heroku platform is no longer free, alternatives to this platform are sure to allow developers and students to manage their time and fully develop their skills and capabilities.

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