How much money will be wagered on online casino sites this year?

Online real money casinos once upon a time used to be a small industry. A sideshow to the main in-person casinos people frequented, but this dynamic is changing. While people still frequently visit in-person casinos, people are now also transitioning or incorporating online casinos into their gambling habits. This new industry has grown throughout the last few decades, and the outlook looks positive. More people are using these sites, and this means more money is wasted using sites from this list of real money casinos. It provides players with a new option to win cash and gives online casinos more earning opportunities.

How much money will be wagered on online casino sites this year?

Below, we will look at the upcoming numbers of the online casino industry and how their win rates give us an idea of how much the casino makes themselves.

What is the outlook for the online casino industry in 2024?

The online casino industry in America is in line to bring in over 23 billion dollars. This outcome is after the projection had the year 2023, bringing in 19.1 billion dollars. This increase is partly thanks to more states opening their doors to online casinos.

The stigma around online casinos has slowly dissipated for the past few decades and is leading to real legislative change. Now, states see the legalization of online casinos as a beneficial economic resource. This understanding is leading several states to look into the idea of bringing online casinos into their states. So, the revenue expectations are subject to change should more players be given access to this industry.

How do win rate projects determine how much a casino earns?

A casino is a business. They need to earn money to keep their doors open. A casino’s win rate will closely correlate to how much a casino stands to earn on any given night from any player.

An example of how this works goes as follows. If a player were to be one hundred dollars, and the casino kept ten dollars, the win percentage would be 10%. This rate would mean if a player came in one night and spent one hundred thousand dollars on bets, and the casino had a 10% win rate, the casino would gain $10,000. The higher the winning rate, the more the casino earns. So, a casino tries to get more players to gamble on their sites and maintain a healthy win rate.
This approach is why some online casinos have mechanisms that ensure they win money in the long run. That is why the common belief is the longer you play any particular game, the higher the chance the casino has to make money. This is why one of the things casinos often try to do is encourage players to play as long as possible. An online casino is not trying to take a lot of money from a player but is trying to ensure they can still function in the long run. Also, a casino has other sources of income besides winning rates, so they are not solely dependent on it.


The online casino industry is growing in not only wagers but also users. This outcome is a healthy dynamic for an industry looking to expand. The future is positive for the industry as much of the United States still does not have access to online casinos. The more people who get access, the more wagers for the industry. The higher the win rate for an online casino, the more money it stands to make. The online casino industry is not only positioned to have a long and prosperous future in the early stages of 2024 but far into the future.

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