How to make $1,000 a day with the help of Bitcoin’s surge

Bitcoin price has been stable at around $70,000 for 3 consecutive days. With market sentiment firmly bullish and the halving date less than 30 days away, we are likely to see Bitcoin break the 6-digit mark this cycle.

How to make $1,000 a day with the help of Bitcoin’s surge

Although Bitcoin has surged at an alarming rate in the past month, the volatility is still very high. Direct investment in Bitcoin still requires relatively strong financial strength and risk-taking capabilities. So is there any way that ordinary investors who are not so financially strong and unwilling to take such large risks can also make considerable profits from the surge in Bitcoin? The answer is: definitely.

For example, the cloud mining contract launched by Simpleminers, the world’s top Bitcoin miner. It allows you to earn the soaring money of Bitcoin at a very small cost and very low risk. So far, many of my investor friends have made $1,000 a day through Simpleminers’ cloud mining contracts. So how does it do it?

If you want to know how to use low cost and low risk to leverage high-volatility and high-risk Bitcoin investment, you must first know what cloud mining is. Cloud mining is actually an innovative investment product used by Bitcoin miners to relieve financial pressure when expanding their computing power deployment. That is, investors participate in mining Bitcoin by renting the Bitcoin computing power of miners, and the miners are responsible for mining the Bitcoins and sharing the Bitcoin profits with investors. It is a cooperative way to make money.

Earn revenue

In this way, investors do not need to rent space, purchase mining machines, operate and maintain, pay energy costs, etc., nor do they need to worry about losing all their investments because they cannot mine Bitcoin. Because miners will ensure that investors receive returns in the form of interest. As far as miners are concerned, they have gathered the funds of many investors and deployed and occupied a higher proportion of hash rate, thereby gaining the advantage of Bitcoin mining efficiency. In the environment of Bitcoin halving, prioritizing computing power is a guarantee for obtaining rewards and a guarantee for miners to make money. So, this is a win-win investment for both investors and miners.

Learned about cloud mining. Next, we can explore how investors can earn $1,000 a day through the Simpleminers cloud mining contract.


Before publishing this article, the author found through practice that the income from investing in Simpleminers’ computing power contract mainly comes from the following four aspects:

①Registration bonus: Download and register a Simpleminers account. (Complete this step to earn a $10 sign-up bonus).

②Daily income: Purchase a computing power contract and obtain the daily income of the contract. (The current maximum daily rate of return is 3%).

③Extra bonus: If the value of Bitcoin increases, you can also get additional rewards during the contract period. (This is an added bonus).

④ Invitation income: By inviting friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can get a reward of 3% of the friend’s investment. If your friend invites his friends to invest in Simpleminers, you can also get a reward of 1% of their investment. (Introduce money-making projects to friends, earn favors and make money at the same time, why not do it?)

5 Simpleminers hashrate contracts

Now, assuming you have $50,000, let me teach you how to make $1,000 a day by investing in Simpleminers’ hash rate contract. Here’s what you can do: Purchase 5 Simpleminers hashrate contracts worth $10,000 each for 50 days. In this way, you can get direct income of US$165.04/day*5 servings=US$825.2/day. At this time, you only need to invite some friends to make money together and let their investment amount reach 300,000 US dollars, and you can get an invitation reward of 300,000 US dollars * 3% = 9,000 US dollars (9,000 US dollars / 50 days = 180 US dollars / day) . After these two steps, you will realize that within the 50 days of your investment contract, the money you earn every day = $825.2 + $180 = $1005.2. Of course, if your friends also invite friends to invest, your income will be more than this amount.

In other words, you invest $50,000 in Simpleminers’ computing power contract and recommend your money-making project to your friends. After 50 days, your assets will become at least US$50,000 (principal) + US$50,260 (profit) = US$100,260. If, as experts predict, the price of Bitcoin breaks through 6 figures, you will also receive a considerable amount of additional bonuses from Simpleminers. What a great investment trip it will be!

If you think the amount of US$50,000 is still too large, Simpleminers also has many friendly computing power contracts to choose from. For example, a computing power contract worth US$100 with a 2-day cycle allows you to invest US$100 and earn US$6 in 2 days. Of course, if you want to know more about Simpleminers’ computing power contracts, the author recommends that you register for a Simpleminers account. Their official website has a very detailed introduction, and there are 24-hour online customer service staff to answer all your questions.

Registering a Simpleminers account is even easier: you only need to click “Register” on the official website of Simpleminers and fill in your email address, login account, login password, etc. in the form to complete the registration. (You can also get 10 US dollars in trial funds by creating an account, which is very considerate.)

Simpleminers settles and pays contract income every day. You can download their mobile APP and perform contract purchase and redemption operations on your mobile phone. Your funds are not only safe but also visible. If you are also interested in making money by investing in Simpleminers’ computing power contracts and want to know more about Simpleminers, you can log in to their official website now:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start earning today, and don’t forget to download the Google Play or Apple Store applications for additional rewards.

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