How to Set Boundaries When Playing Slots

Online slots are one of the most exhilarating casino games to get involved in. There’s little risk compared to high stakes casino games like poker and blackjack, no prior knowledge is really needed to play, there’s no complex strategies involved, and the winners are quick. What’s not to love?
However, today’s technologies have made online slots incredibly accessible, from anywhere and at any time. What’s more, funds can be added to your account at any time and at the touch of a button using technologies like e-wallets and smartphone payments. While these aspects are huge bonuses for players who love slot games, it has also meant that problem gambling has become more common and sometimes it can be difficult to stay in control of game play.
Below, we’ll take a look at how you can set healthy boundaries when playing slots online so that you stay in control.

Take regular breaks

Recent studies on young people’s brain imaging have shown that game play affects the frontal cortex in the same way that drug addiction changes the brain. Results have shown an effect in impulse control, in the exact same way that cocaine does. While it is not necessary to panic and stop playing your favorite online games, it is important to take regular breaks from playing online slots in order to recoup and let your brain relax.
Consider taking breaks every half an hour or so and get some fresh air outside, take your eyes off the screen and remember to drink water. It can be easy to forget what your body needs physically when you get sucked into a fun game. Perhaps also incorporate some light movement such as yoga or stretches to get your blood flowing at encourage relaxation for both your mind and body.
In addition, research has shown that when you take more frequent breaks at playing online slots, you are less likely to blow through your bankroll so quickly and less likely to lose so often too.

Consider playing free slots

There are many different slot sites and games out there to choose from, some that are expensive and some that have enticing offers for new players. However, there are also a variety of quality free slots available that are just as rewarding and enjoyable as the paid games.

Free slots are an excellent way to play the field and get used to slot games before investing in the higher stakes ones where you have to pay to play. Free slots still enable you to win and can be just as fun and well-made if you find the right games without having to spend any money. What’s more, if you’re new to playing online slots then it can be a great opportunity to see how online slots work and which type of online slots you prefer before committing to a certain style of slot games.

Set a gambling budget

When you’re not doing so well at a game, naturally you become more cautious with your spending and consider whether it is worth playing again. However, when you’re doing really well and keep winning, it’s easy to think you’re on a winning streak and keep playing with the money you’ve won.

However, slot games are a game of complete chance, meaning it’s 50/50 whether you will win or lose. Therefore, it’s not wise to keep spending your winnings on more gameplay in the hope of winning even more as you could just as easily lose everything you’ve already won.

Consider setting a strict limit and sticking to it. You could do this by only depositing the amount you want to spend for that week into your online account. Once that runs out, you should abide by your own rules and not top up your account again until the next week. In addition, many quality slot sites have safety measures in place to help you set up spending limits. If you get tempted to spend more than these limits can automatically prevent you from getting carried away.

Find a balance

While playing online slots is incredibly rewarding and fun, it’s important to find a balance in your life and have other hobbies and activities you find enjoyable too. If you consider playing online casino games like slots a hobby then be mindful of how much time you dedicate to that hobby and give time to some others too like participating in sports, mindful activities like meditation or journaling, or any other hobby that gets you away from a screen.

There’s nothing wrong with playing online slots and it’s incredibly fun and rewarding but knowing how much time to give it and when to stop is the key to you really enjoying the experience long term.

Overall, playing online slots is incredibly fun and rewarding, however it also comes with its risks. By taking the above points into consideration and putting a plan in place, it is easy to control your online slot playing behavior and have the best possible experience.

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