How to Trace a Phone Number and Uncover Caller Identity

Are you feeling emotionally exhausted due to continuous calls from cell call numbers you do not recognize? Whether you are curious about the missed call, want to block it, or try to reconnect, revealing the cell phone’s owner is essential. But what if your screen doesn’t display any information? How can you stop calls with “No Caller ID”?

This review will tell you everything you need to know: how to determine who that unknown caller is and track a phone number location for free without compromising privacy.

How to Track a Phone Number?

To track a phone number and safeguard yourself from potential bullying, scams, or other risks associated with calls from unknown individuals, consider the following practical methods:

1. Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

Using popular and reliable reverse lookup tools like Whitepages or WhoCallsMe is an effective way to reveal a caller’s info. They can help you not only reveal the caller’s number and name but also be useful when your goal is to track phone number location free.

Reverse phone lookup tools contain vast databases of cell phone numbers and private information related to them. These databases consist of various sources, including public records, social media, and online directories. When you enter a phone number, the reverse phone lookup tool checks its databases to see a match and then gives you details about the person who owns that number.

It’s important to note that while numerous reverse phone lookup tools exist, many require payment for information that isn’t freely available. Be attentive, as certain websites are known for deceiving customers, either by not delivering valuable information despite payment or by intentionally stealing the customer’s credit card details. Therefore, if you opt for paid services, choose secure payment methods like PayPal or other well-known third-party systems.

2. Use the *69 Code

Dialing the *69 code can help you track cell phone number.It activates the last-call return service, providing information about the previous caller’s number.If the caller is listed in a public database, their name and address may also be revealed. Certain cell phone carriers offer an extra option, allowing users to recall an unknown cell phone number. It’s advisable to initiate the action from another cell phone number to avoid disclosing your identity, as the anonymous caller might hesitate to answer an identified call.

What should you do totrack phone number location freewith this method?

1. Dial *69 and press the call button.

Dial *69 and press the call button

2.Wait until the service provides info about the last number that called you, along with any other available caller ID information.

Note: Although the *69 service is free, some cell phone carriers may charge some fees for the last call return service.

3. Contact Your Cell Phone Service Provider

It is another method that can help youtrack a phone number ID. Just contact your service provider and ask them about their call-tracing services. In comparison with *69 dial, this method involves finding anonymous cell phone numbers that *69 cannot trace. What is more important is that by using special techniques and tools, your service provider can even tell you what methods/tools the person uses to hide their number.

4. Block Unknown Cell Phone Numbers

Did you know your smartphone has an in-built option to block unknown numbers? Yes, and to do so, you will need:

  • For iPhone (V13 and later)
  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Choose “Phone”.
  3. Tap the “Silence Unknown Callers” button and switch this option on.

Tap the "Silence Unknown Callers" button and switch this option on.

  • For Android

1. Open “Dialer” on your phone.

2. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen.

Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen.

3. Choose “Settings”.

Choose "Settings

4. Select “Block numbers”.

Select "Block numbers"

6) Turn on the “Block Unknown Callers” option.

5. Third-Party Cell Phone Tracker Apps

This method will be helpful if you have already revealed the person who called you, and now your goal will be to anonymously track cell phone by number for additional information not provided by the tools and methods mentioned earlier. So, if you want to know where the person is located, what IP address they have, what WiFi network they use, or whether they use VPN to hide their actual position, would be a perfect choice to satisfy these requirements anonymously.

As a web-based tool, GEOfinder operates without needing installation on the target cell phone. Input the target cell phone number into the search box and let it fetch all the necessary data. By the way, it offers a $1 trial for 48 hours.


Dealing with blocked or unknown calls can be annoying, but it’s possible to solve. We hope this review has given you some ideas on how to detect hidden phone numbers, get their name, and even track phone location by number for free without raising any suspicions.

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