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Investing in Eye Care Startups: Trends And Opportunities In The Healthcare Market

In recent years, the healthcare sector has witnessed a significant shift towards startups focusing on eye care. The demand for eye care services is surging, and with the advancements in technology and healthcare itself, the market for eye care startups is continuing to grow. Dr. Gibran Khurshid explores the trends and opportunities in the healthcare market when investing in eye care startups and what factors investors should consider when investing in these types of companies.

Growing Demand For Eye Care Services

The demand for eye care services is growing due to the aging baby boomer population, the rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes, and an increase in patients seeking preventative care. As a result, eye care startups are seeing a surge in demand for their services, which is expected to continue in the coming years. This presents a significant opportunity for investors looking to invest in this sector.

Advancements In Technology

Advancements in technology are helping eye care startups to deliver preventative care and treatment options that are more effective and efficient than ever before. For example, startups such as Opternative have developed an online eye exam platform that allows patients to receive a prescription for glasses or contacts from the comfort of their own homes. Another startup, ReVision Optics, has developed a procedure that can correct farsightedness without needing surgery. These technological advancements can attract investors looking for innovative and disruptive startups.

Personalized Care

In the past, getting an eye exam or ordering prescription glasses was a straightforward process. However, technology has enabled eye care startups to offer patients a more personalized and convenient experience. Using artificial intelligence to analyze patient data, startups can provide customized glasses and contact lens recommendations to improve patient outcomes. This trend is gaining traction as more eye care startups adopt AI and machine learning technologies to offer personalized care to their patients.

Increasing Investment In Eye Care Startups

Investment in eye care startups is rising, with venture capitalists and private equity firms seeing the potential for growth in this sector. According to a recent report by CB Insights, investment in eye care startups reached a record high of $340 million in 2017. This continued investment in the sector indicates that there is still untapped potential in the market, and investors should consider eye care startups as part of their overall investment strategy.

Regulatory Environment

One of the factors investors should consider when investing in eye care startups is the regulatory environment. The healthcare sector is highly regulated, and any new medical device or treatment option must undergo strict testing and approval before it can be brought to market. This can be a lengthy and costly process that can impact the timeline and profitability of a startup. Investors should research the regulatory environment and ensure that the startups they are considering have a clear path to approval and eventual commercialization.

Partnerships And Acquisitions

Another trend in the eye care startup market is partnerships and acquisitions. Established healthcare companies are partnering with startups or acquiring them outright to gain access to their innovative technology and treatment options. For example, pharmaceutical giant Novartis recently acquired eye care startup Encore Vision, which had developed a treatment for presbyopia, a condition that impacts near vision. This trend presents another opportunity for investors to get in early on promising startups and potentially reap the benefits of partnerships or acquisitions.


Gibran Khurshid MD, says that investing in eye care startups presents a significant opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the growing healthcare market. The surge in demand for eye care services, technological advancements, increasing investment, regulatory environment, and partnerships and acquisitions are all trends to monitor when considering investing in this sector. However, investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence before investing to ensure they select companies with strong growth and profitability potential. With careful consideration and a strategic investment plan, investing in eye care startups can be a lucrative addition to an investment portfolio.

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