Major Differences Between Sam’s Club vs Costco

Sam’s Club and Costco are two of the most popular warehouse clubs in America. They offer their members exclusive discounts on a wide range of products from bulk toilet paper to tires. Both clubs are known for their great deals and high-quality merchandise, but which one is right for you?

Differences Between Sams Club vs Costco

Differences Between Sams Club vs Costco

When it comes to membership costs, Sam’s Club has a lower annual fee than Costco, but Costco offers more benefits, such as discounted gas, prescriptions, free shipping, and inexpensive food courts. Additionally, Costco has a larger selection of organic and healthy food options than Sam’s Club.

In terms of store layout, Sam’s Club stores are known for their wider aisles, making it easier to navigate with a cart. On the other hand, Costco offers a wider selection of products and often has more unique items that you won’t find at Sam’s Club.

Ultimately, the decision to join a warehouse club depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you are looking for a great deal on bulk items and don’t mind paying a higher membership fee, Costco may be the better choice for you. However, if you want to save some money on membership and prefer a store with wider aisles, Sam’s Club may be the way to go. Regardless of which club you choose, make sure to do your research and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Let’s take a look at these warehouses and 5 major differences between them.

Brief info about Sam’s Club

Brief info about Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehouse club that belongs to Walmart. With nearly 600 clubs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, this colossal chain continues to expand and offer an extensive range of services to its members. Many of its clubs have a fuel center that provides gasoline at an average savings of about 30 cents per gallon, which has made Sam’s Club gas a popular choice for drivers across the country. But that’s not all. Sam’s Club also offers a vast selection of items from trusted national brands and its own Member’s Mark brand. From household goods to electronics, members can enjoy great prices that are hard to beat.

In addition to the unbeatable prices, Sam’s Club members can enjoy exclusive discounts on theme parks and attractions, such as Walt Disney World. This means that you get to save money not just on your everyday purchases but also on your next vacation! And if you’re considering a Sam’s Club membership, you may want to check out their store-issued credit card, which has no annual fee and can be used at Sam’s Club and Walmart locations in the U.S. With the Sam’s Club Mastercard, you can earn up to 5% back in Sam’s Cash on club purchases, making it easier for you to save even more. But it doesn’t stop there. All members can earn 5% back in Sam’s Cash for club gas purchases up to $6,000 per year and then 1% after that during the same year. Moreover, all members can earn 3% back on dining and takeout purchases using the Mastercard.

In short, Sam’s Club is more than just a membership-only retail warehouse club. It is a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need at unbeatable prices, earn rewards, and enjoy exclusive discounts on theme parks and attractions.

Brief info about Costco

Costco, similar to Sam’s Club, has nearly 600 warehouses in the United States and Puerto Rico, offering a wide range of products at discounted prices. Their private brands and Kirkland brand are popular among customers. In addition to these discounted products, there are many perks to having a Costco membership. For example, members can enjoy exclusive deals on travel, insurance, and home goods. You can also take advantage of Costco’s famous $5 rotisserie chickens, which are perfect for family dinners. Their generous return policy gives customers added peace of mind when making purchases. Furthermore, Costco offers discounted Top Tier gas at their gas stations, which is a great way to save money on gas.

Brief info about Costco

If you’re interested in becoming a Costco member, consider applying for their Anywhere Visa Card through Citi. This credit card offers up to 4% back in Costco cash rewards for eligible gas and electric vehicle charging up to $7,000 per year, and 1% after that within the same year. It also offers 1% to 3% back in Costco cash for club purchases, travel, dining, and other purchases. The rewards can quickly add up, making it a smart choice for frequent Costco shoppers.

Aside from the perks of being a member, Costco is also a great place to shop for appliances and home goods. Their selection of high-quality products is unbeatable, and their prices are hard to beat. Whether you’re in the market for a new refrigerator or looking to upgrade your home decor, you’re sure to find something you love at Costco.

Costco vs Sam’s Club membership cost

Sam’s Club and Costco are two well-known membership-based retail chains that have been in business for many years. They both require customers to pay yearly fees to gain access to their stores, which can be a great value for regular shoppers. Costco’s basic membership costs $60 per year, which is a great deal considering the many perks that come with it, such as access to exclusive products and services, and the ability to shop at their online store. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can upgrade to their Executive Membership, which costs $120 per year and comes with even more benefits, such as cash-back rewards and free shipping on many items.

On the other hand, Sam’s Club’s basic membership costs $50, which is a little less than Costco’s basic membership. However, if you want access to their higher-tier Plus membership, you’ll need to pay $110 per year. Unfortunately, Sam’s Club raised their membership fees last year for the first time in a decade, which was a big surprise to many of their loyal customers. Basic membership fees increased from $45 to $50, and Plus membership fees increased from $100 to $110.

Despite Sam’s Club’s fee increase, they still provide excellent value to their members. They offer a wide range of products and services, including groceries, electronics, and home goods, at competitive prices. Costco, on the other hand, has not raised their membership fees in recent years, which has helped them maintain their loyal customer base. However, the CEO of Costco has stated that there are currently no plans to raise their membership fees. While this is great news for current and potential Costco members, it’s important to note that he did not rule out the possibility of raising them in the future.

Costco vs Sam’s Club prices

Costco has been a go-to destination for many customers seeking to save money, with its reputation for offering lower prices than its competitors like Sam’s Club. However, it’s important to note that the actual savings may depend on various factors such as location, product selection, and availability.

While Costco has been known for its great deals, a comparison of current list prices for similar items on the two retailers’ websites shows that customers might be able to save more at Sam’s Club, especially when shopping online. For example, a 5-pound pack of frozen chicken patties costs $16.48 on the Sam’s Club website, while a similar pack on the Costco website costs $17.99. Similarly, a 32-roll pack of Charmin toilet paper costs $25.38 on Sam’s Club’s website, while a 30-roll pack of the same type of toilet paper is listed for $29.99 on Costco’s website. A 2-count pack of Skippy Peanut Butter costs $10.28 on the Sam’s Club website versus $12.69 on the Costco website.

It’s worth noting that not all grocery categories were compared through the retailers’ websites, as Costco does not appear to list prices for general produce and dairy that can be found in its stores. However, a comparison of prices by Insider in May 2022 found that Costco had better deals on produce and dairy, while Sam’s Club had lower prices for certain pantry and plant-based products.

In conclusion, while Costco has been a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers, it’s important to do your research and compare prices before making a purchase. While Costco may offer better deals on certain items, Sam’s Club may have lower prices on others, and it ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.

Costco vs Sam’s Club foodcourts

Sam’s Club and Costco warehouse stores are popular places where members can not only purchase groceries and household items, but also enjoy a meal at their respective food courts. The two retailers offer similar food options such as pizza and soft drinks, but each also has its own specialty menu items that set them apart from one another. For example, Sam’s Club features an exclusive soft drink flavor called Mountain Dew Berry Monsoon, which is not available at Costco. Additionally, Sam’s Club offers soft pretzels and ICEEs, while Costco is known for its famous $1.50 hotdog combo, as well as the Chicken Bake and Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich.

In addition to the differences in menu items, the prices of some items can vary between the two retailers’ food courts. Recently, Sam’s Club responded to Costco’s $1.50 hotdog combo by lowering the price of its own hotdog combo to $1.38. Despite these differences, both retailers’ food courts offer a convenient and affordable option for members to grab a quick bite to eat after shopping.

Costco vs Sam’s Club online shopping

When it comes to online shopping, Costco and Sam’s Club take different approaches. While Costco’s website reveals that products sold online might have different prices than those sold in local warehouses, customers have found that the online prices are often higher than the in-store prices. In contrast, Sam’s Club maintains that the prices are the same whether you order online or shop in-person. Additionally, Sam’s Club offers free shipping to its Plus members, which is a great perk. However, regular members may have to pay a bit extra to cover shipping costs. Thus, it’s important to keep in mind the variations in online pricing and shipping costs when comparing the two stores’ online shopping experiences.

Costco vs Sam’s Club handy services

Costco vs Sam’s Club handy services

Both Costco and Sam’s Club are popular warehouse clubs that offer a wide range of products to their customers. While they share some similarities, there are also some key differences that set them apart.

For instance, Costco has been testing curbside pickup at select stores in New Mexico since early 2021, but has yet to expand this service to more locations. In contrast, Sam’s Club offers curbside pickup to both of its membership tiers, making it a more convenient option for members who prefer this shopping method. Additionally, Sam’s Club has a Scan & Go feature that allows shoppers to pay for their purchases through the app and bypass checkout lines altogether. Costco, on the other hand, does not currently offer a similar self-checkout service through its app.

Furthermore, when it comes to payment methods, Costco is known to accept all Visa cards, most pin-based debit and ATM cards, cash, and checks, among other methods. Meanwhile, Sam’s Club accepts Walmart credit cards and credit cards from major providers such as American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard, as well as some of the same methods as Costco. Overall, while both warehouse clubs offer great value to their customers, it’s important to consider the differences in their policies when deciding which one to join or shop at.

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