NatWest Introduces Mastercard Business Savings to UK Debit Cards

NatWest Group, a UK-based banking firm serving commercial, retail, and private banking markets, recently partnered with Mastercard to reward small businesses with savings perks. The company introduced Mastercard Business Savings to its business debit card holders in the UK.
The move aims to provide small and medium businesses with valuable savings opportunities. It offers cashback and merchant offers to customers with eligible business cards at participating vendors. The scheme was previously available to NatWest and RBS business card holders but will now be accessible to debit card users. Cardholders don’t require costs, registration, or a coupon code to benefit from the merchant’s discount.
Every cardholder with eligible business debit cards is enrolled instantly without registering. However, users need to actively opt out of the program to deregister. Cardholders also receive the perks automatically. Hence, the cashback bonus is credited to the card within three to five days as extra credit and also reflected in the statement of account.
Business card holders can anticipate these perks soon enough, as over a thousand eligible merchants cover different sectors, including the business, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Natwest also promised to include more offers with the onboarding of newer merchants into its program.

Benefits of the Card

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of this innovative move between Natwest and Mastercard for small and medium businesses in the UK. These include immediate access to savings and discounts.


Another benefit of using NatWest’s Mastercard business savings card is the possibility of benefiting from exclusive online promotions and discounts at websites accepting the payment option. These can be in the form of discounts or bonus cash.

An ideal example of how this works is seen at e-commerce sites and online casinos, where users receive deposit bonuses for using certain debit cards. Offering bonus cash perks is one of the standard casino promotions at top online casinos, which aims to encourage the use of these payment methods. They also provide loyalty points when users deposit with specific options, like cards.

Increased Savings

The card is designed to streamline holders’ effective financial management. It targets business-related expenses and helps them track expenses, savings and rewards.

Therefore, the introduction of these business savings cards can help businesses maintain financial discipline. It also helps to improve their budget and accounting.

Enhanced Security

Savings cards also offer users enhanced security features. Visa launched an AI-powered fraud detection service in the UK to combat account-to-account fraud, which has recorded high levels.

Though the UK has some of the most developed payment systems, it is growing concerned over cybersecurity threats and online fraud. Hence, NatWest has also integrated advanced security measures, including biometric approvals and card readers, which are among its layered security systems and help to protect its users from these threats.


NatWest’s initiative with Mastercard is a strategic move to encourage small and medium businesses in the UK. From direct savings on business expenses to promotions and enhanced security features, this scheme is set to offer improved value to NatWest’s business clients.

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