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Science & Technology

A complete guide to Facebook Marketplace

Find out more about Facebook Marketplace and how to use it effectively

Blockchain & Crypto

Stablecoin vs fiat currencies

We’ll discuss all of these topics in today’s article


Top 10 Italian banks

Let’s explore which institutions have reached the most prominent places in the Italian banking system


How to post items for sale in Facebook Marketplace

PaySpace Magazine is here to help


Bangladesh economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Bangladesh is one of the best-performing economies of the world. Throughout its history, the country has suffered numerous socio-political turmoil events. However, the country managed to carve out its position as an emerging economic powerhouse amidst this turbulent time. Presently, despite all its challenges, the country has managed […]


Las 5 Mejores Soluciones de Gateway de Pagamento White Label en el 2022

Conozcamos más sobre gateway de pagamento white label


Top 5 criptomonedas creadas en América Latina

Aunque es el Bitcoin la representación más conocida, hoy se mencionan también diversas criptomonedas creadas en América Latina


Everything you need to know about economic collapse 2021  

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   The economy is the cardinal part of human society and its existence since time immemorial, and given its significance in the rise and fall of empires and modern nations in the present era, human history is littered with economic booms and collapses. Therefore, mankind’s effort to find the […]


5 apps para el control de tus gastos y finanzas

Hoy en día, la tecnología puede ser una gran aliada para esto, gracias al lanzamiento de diferentes apps para el control de tus gastos y finanzas


What poker players can gain and lose from using crypto

The online poker revolution has led to many players now trying an internet-based version of this classic card game, with the option of using cryptocurrencies to play with real money now growing in popularity. Is it a good idea to use cryptocurrencies to place your stakes? The speed of transactions One of the biggest benefits […]

Stimulus Check

Will there be a 4th stimulus check in 2021?

The US government has already distributed three rounds of so-called stimulus checks. Is that enough, or should we expect a fourth?


The financial regulations online gambling sites must adhere to

Since the early days of computer technology, programmers have been using their skills to entertain themselves and others in the form of computer games. Technological advancements have seen gaming evolve from simple games with minimal graphics to full online versions of some of the most popular games in the world. Today, online casino games are […]

Science & Technology

Digital identity and its role in safer payments

Identity theft costs consumers and businesses around fifty billion dollars a year. Fears of identity theft hinder business, whether they’re afraid to place an order on your website or use your app to schedule and pay for service. That’s why digital identity management and verification solutions are taking off. Let’s learn more about digital identity […]


NFT art finance coins to watch out for

Being quite new in the crypto world, non-fungible tokens are already forming the whole decentralised ecosystems around the NFT artwork. Those are fueled by NFT art finance coins that have become new topics for Reddit discussions, and targets for crypto investors


Pakistan’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Pakistan has been a unique case in the world. Being the 5th largest populated country in the world, Pakistan harbors immense economic potential. However, owing to geopolitical compulsions, the country has drifted into the center stage of the United States led “War on Terror”. The nuances that later […]


What are the best currency pairs to trade for solid returns?

Here’s what you need to know