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Blockchain & Crypto

When was Bitcoin created?

If you’re new to the crypto world, you may wonder how old the oldest crypto is. PaySpace Magazine has the answer for you

Finance & Economics

Credit score: what is it and how to improve it

Let’s find out what counts towards a credit score and how you can improve that vital number

Finance & Economics

7 tips to remember when online shopping

Here are a few tips to consider before adding items to a shopping cart

Finance & Economics

Top 5 economic superpowers: who are they?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   The world is in a state of flux where the transfer of wealth from Western economies to the Asian giants is rapidly changing the landscape of global economies. Currently, out of the five largest economies of the world, only two belong to the Western Bloc namely: the United […]


How to avoid phishing scams

You can’t avoid being targeted by scammers, but you can and should avoid getting caught on a phishing hook

Finance & Economics

Looking at the growing importance of UI design

Development of the user interface for digital programs has a long and storied history, where all too often the concept has been overlooked as unimportant. In the modern age, however, UI design has reached the frontline as one of the digital age’s most crucial components. Using the broad and still expanding market of online casino […]


Best fintech ETFs in 2021

Today, we’ll explore the exchange-traded funds tracking the fintech industry as one of the most promising investment options


Dow Jones Industrial Average: top highs and lows

Today, we’re going to recall its top rises and falls


Taliban’s takeover of Kabul: what’s next for Afghanistan’s economy?

What can happen to the economy of the country taken over by the Islamist group?

Science & Technology

Airbnb vs. pros & cons for the host

Renting a private apartment, a room, or a house is a win-win for tourists and their hosts


Top 7 businesses you can start at home

Let these top 7 popular home-based businesses inspire all those eager to become their own bosses

Society & Lifestyle

How to identify a scammer?

The average person receives tons of assorted messages and a dozen phone calls each day. Although most of these are legitimate, even one very convincing fraudster getting in contact with you may cause lots of harm

Science & Technology

Can a web app ever be secure?

How secure are web apps and can you ever rely on them for safe data storage?

Finance & Economics

Top 5 digital banks in Finland

Let’s see which neobanks can gain momentum in Finland in the near future

Finance & Economics

Top 10 logistics companies worldwide

Which transportation companies succeed in the logistics services market?

Finance & Economics

Sweden’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Sweden is a Scandinavian country having thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes. It is a part of Northern Europe and a member of the European Union but retained its own currency (i.e., Swedish krona (SEK)). With a per capita income of $50,339 and a Human Development Index […]