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Blockchain & Crypto

3 things to consider when investing in gold

There’s no doubt that you might be thinking about investing in gold, but how do you get started? Every investor is eager to invest in currency like gold because of how volatile it is. And not to talk of how safe it keeps your capital without allowing it to depreciate. Investing in gold allows you […]


China’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   The advent of COVID-19 devastated the world’s economy at a global scale, triggering health and social crises all over the world. However, there were some countries that mitigated the damage caused by this novel virus through effective and evidence-based policy making and its implementation. China is one of […]

Science & Technology

Beauty tech: top 5 trends to watch out for

Here are the most promising beauty tech trends in 2021 and beyond

Finance & Economics

Top 10 banking cards for kids

For many parents the question is not whether to get a banking card for their child, but which one to choose. Hopefully, this article will help you with that tough decision


Smart home technology: pros and cons

Consider the following pros and cons before making your home “smart”

Finance & Economics

The most extraordinary ATM features worldwide

Banks and manufacturers have reinvented the role of the ATM adding some innovative functions


5 apps creadas en América Latina para hacer tu vida más fácil

A partir de la creación de estas aplicaciones, la tecnología móvil ha revolucionado la manera en que se tiene acceso a un servicio, producto o compañía y sin duda la pandemia global que atraviesa el planeta, ha provocado que los dos últimos años, sean las de más tráfico de descargas en la historia. Muchas de […]


Tips to help you play an easier name in a сasino

What if you had no bills to pay? Or what if you could get money with ease to settle your bills? I am pretty sure that most people will no longer wake up early to go to work daily. However, we live in a competitive world where we have to toil every day to make […]


Top 10 money books for kids

Here is a compilation of the best children’s books that will increase their financial literacy

Fintech & Ecommerce

Financial literacy for kids: top 7 tips

These tips will help you find a balanced approach to financial literacy education


Australia’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Introduction The global spread of the pandemic ravaged the world’s economy and the Australian economy was no different. Due to the novice nature of the crisis the world’s markets and economies panicked, resulting in worldwide lockdowns, together with a strong bearish sentiment in the capital markets. However, after […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

How to spend 50% less on payment processing with white-label payment software

Vladimir Kuiantsev CEO of Akurateco   If you own a business of any size or sell payment processing to other merchants, at a certain point you face the need to choose the right payment solution to facilitate and consolidate your transaction flow. Should you go with a white-label payment software, Cashier, or develop your own […]


What is the Shiba Inu coin?

The next phenomenon on the crypto market is the Shiba Inu coin

Society & Lifestyle

How to pay in Brazil: facts on country’s payments market

Find out how to pay in Brazil and which payment methods Brazilians prefer

Science & Technology

What is KYC and why do businesses need it

This is how fintech affects business


Asian venture capital market and startups after the COVID-19 

COVID-19 has impacted business markets globally, including Asian markets, requiring companies to have to rethink their business processes. According to Pymnts, which tracks corporate payment processing system trends, the market for contactless payment systems has grown as much as 500% in some settings. Even though the pandemic will be a thing of the past someday, […]