The biggest online casino wins of all time

Winning millions is something that many of us dream about, perhaps you would purchase your own luxury yacht, travel the world, or treat your friends and family to whatever they desire. For a lucky few online casino players, their dream of becoming rich has become a reality.

The biggest online casino wins of all time

While big wins cannot be guaranteed, gaming on online casino UK sites offers the chance to win big. Online players all around the world have hit the jackpot playing casino games such as online slots. For some, it was their first time even playing these games online, while for others they were surprised to win much more than they ever had before.

Belgium player wins £19 million playing Absolutely Mad in 2021

Imagine winning £19 million pounds on just one game! Well, this actually happened to one lucky individual playing the popular jackpot slot Absolutely Mad (a Mega Moolah variant) back in 2021.

This game is a well-known progressive slot, a progressive slot feeds in all bets into the jackpot prize fund with every spin of the reel. This sees the prize fund constantly growing and growing until one lucky individual triggers the payout by having the right combination of symbols.

While the lucky £19 million winner hasn’t released any details about themselves, we know that they are from Belgium. They must have had a magnificent time celebrating after that almighty win!

Anonymous player wins £18.9 million on Mega Moolah in 2018

Mega Moolah is known for having some of the best cash prizes out of all the online slot games. Prior to the Belgian’s big win in 2021, the record on this game was won in 2018 at £18.9 million.

The winning player never released their name, but they were from Britain and won the jackpot while playing online at the Grand Mondial Casino. They won this magnificent prize in less than 50 spins of the reel and their stake on the winning spin was just £0.60.

Finnish player wins £16.9 million in Mega Fortune in 2013

The Mega Fortune game is another progressive jackpot slot that you may be familiar with. A player from Finland was playing online at Paf Casino in 2013 when they hit the jackpot on the Mega Fortune slot unexpectedly.

They had staked the equivalent of just £0.20 in this winning spin, not a bad return on investment!

British player takes home £16 million from Mega Moolah in 2015

Another big win on Mega Moolah… this one was back in 2015 and was won by a British war veteran. Lance Corporal Jon Heywood served in Afghanistan during his military career.

Heywood had been playing online for just seven minutes and staked just £0.25 on this spin of the reel before being informed of his £16 million win. At just 26 years old, the player is one of the younger winners of the jackpot.

He vowed to spend part of his winnings ensuring his ill father got the best possible medical treatment and also planned to upgrade his car.

British player wins £15.2 million on WowPot Jackpot in 2021

A British player at 32 Red online casino, identifying themselves as Mr M, shared how they took home almost £15.2 million from the WowPot Jackpot. The individual was so shocked by his wim, he claims to have sat staring at his screen for a very long time.

He even Googled the figure to find out what the amount of zeros added up to.

Norwegian player wins £13.9 million on Arabian Nights slot in 2011

Back in the 2010s, the online slot game Arabian Nights was all the rage and it had a life changing impact on one player from Norway. As this was another jackpot game, a number of other players had won millions of pounds in prizes before them.

Scottish player takes home £6.4 million jackpot from Hall of Gods in 2017

Lastly, an online slots player playing the Hall of Gods jackpot slot game made the headlines back in 2017. They were lucky enough to win a huge prize of £6.4 million on the game. The player’s name is Neil, he is a huge fan of British football team Liverpool FC and wanted to buy a season ticket with his winnings.

A very generous individual, Neil also decided to donate a portion of his winnings to the Macmillan Cancer Charity. What a wonderful way to share such a large prize.

These stories are just a few great examples of casino gamers that have been lucky enough to have won life changing amounts when playing games on the internet. They remind us of the huge possibilities that a single bet can hold.

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