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Top 10 Best CRM Systems and Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software plays a crucial role in effectively managing customers and ensuring a positive sales experience. In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential to have a robust CRM system in place.

Top 10 Best CRM Systems and Software

By collecting and organizing prospect information, tracking interactions with sales representatives, and facilitating the development of strong customer relationships, CRM systems empower businesses to thrive.

One of the key advantages of using CRM software is its ability to simplify customer management processes. Instead of relying on scattered spreadsheets or manual methods, businesses can streamline their customer data and interactions in a centralized system. This not only saves time but also enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Another significant benefit of CRM software is its impact on the buyer experience. By leveraging the features of CRM systems, businesses can personalize their interactions with customers, providing tailored solutions and addressing their specific needs. This level of personalization creates a positive impression and helps in building long-term relationships, ultimately fostering brand loyalty.

Moreover, CRM systems store and analyze vast amounts of customer data, offering valuable insights for continuous improvement. By leveraging these insights, businesses can identify trends, preferences, and areas for optimization. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

There are lots of different CRMs with a vast range of functions and designs to choose from. It seems hard to make the right decision without diving deep into all the specific features of different software and systems. Check our TOP list of CRMs to choose one that suits your needs best!


Pipedrive is a CRM software designed specifically for sales teams to enhance their selling capabilities. It provides a wide range of features such as CRM, security, sales, email marketing, web visitor tracking, lead generation, automation, insights, and reports. Pipedrive is suitable for startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprises. By automating repetitive tasks, Pipedrive saves time and increases productivity.

With its extensive CRM features, mobile app for on-the-go access, and marketplace with over 350 apps and integrations, Pipedrive streamlines operations and improves customer service. It follows an activity-based selling approach, focusing on actions that drive deals and sales. You can try Pipedrive for free for 14 days and explore different plans to find the one that best suits your business needs. No credit card is required, and during the trial period, you’ll have full access to all the features. However, feature usage limits apply to all plans except Enterprise, which offers the option to upgrade to higher plans for expanded limits. Pipedrive offers comprehensive 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. Additionally, there are FAQs, a blog, and other resources available to assist beginners.

Monday sales

Monday sales CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) product offered by, a project management software platform. It provides a wide range of features for managing teams, contacts, tasks, and sales processes. The free version has limited features, including two seats, support for up to 1000 contacts, and web forms for lead capture. Higher-tier plans may require a minimum number of seats, potentially resulting in paying for more seats than necessary. Users can try the software for free with a 14-day trial, although it may be somewhat complex for beginners.

Key features include advanced account management, an unlimited contact database, and integration with other apps. Communication is centralized and tracked, and customer data can be automatically imported or merged to avoid duplicates. The sales team can access deals, progress reports, and sales forecasts, as well as generate and score leads. The software allows the setup of unlimited customizable sales pipelines and dashboards, with the ability to automate sales processes without coding.


HubSpot offers a no-cost CRM solution that is suitable for individuals, startups, and small businesses. It provides features for contact management and sales generation. As your company grows, you have the option to upgrade to HubSpot’s premium offerings for additional functionality and user support. For businesses on the go, the free HubSpot CRM includes a mobile app. This app enables the sales team to connect with leads, conduct video calls, communicate through email and live chat, scan business cards, take notes, and set reminders.

The HubSpot Free CRM provides real-time tracking of sales activity and presents a dashboard for visualizing the sales pipeline. It offers data on business performance, detailed reports on team performance and sales activities, personalized email capabilities, direct calling from within the CRM, and email open alerts. HubSpot also provides automation tools to streamline operations, including email campaign automation, lead generation automation, contact management, ad management, and task management. It integrates with 1160 apps to enhance productivity and marketing efforts.


Salesforce provides Customer 360, a comprehensive CRM solution that goes beyond traditional customer relationship management. It offers solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service. With its wide range of features and customization options, you can effectively manage contacts, automate workflows, integrate with team collaboration tools, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. While advanced features are only available in higher plans, the basic plan still offers good functionality.

Customer 360 allows you to access customer-related activity histories, key contacts, and communications. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook email, Google apps, and utilizes Slack for internal and external communications. You can also manage tasks and monitor customer engagement from a centralized platform. Customer 360 offers automation and customization tools such as the Lightning Flow Automation process builder. Gain valuable insights with AI-powered analytics. Sales teams can collaborate on deals and have a clear view of the entire sales pipeline. Additionally, the Salesforce mobile app enables remote selling and provides real-time forecasting capabilities.


Capsule is a CRM platform that provides contact management, sales and marketing features, and project management capabilities. It offers a free version with limitations on contacts and file storage, as well as paid plans (Professional, Teams, and Enterprise) that offer additional features such as increased contact limits and file storage capacity.

In terms of sales, Capsule allows users to customize their sales pipeline, track potential deals, and assign tasks to sales representatives. Although workflow automation is still in the Beta stage, the platform provides insights into sales conversion rates, pipeline milestones, and reports on lost opportunities and pipeline growth. For team collaboration, Capsule provides shared mailboxes and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, enabling users to work from anywhere.


NetSuite CRM, an Oracle product, offers comprehensive solutions for managing customer relationships, transactions, sales and marketing, and analytics for businesses. It provides a unified platform accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, enabling users to update sales data, customer information, calendars, and timesheets. The pricing of NetSuite is based on quotes and includes setup fees, annual license fees, per-user prices, core platform costs, and selected module fees.

With NetSuite software, businesses can gain a holistic view of their customers, understanding their preferences and pain points. The software’s built-in reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into buyer engagement, sales metrics, and lead activities. Real-time partner relationship management tools facilitate the exchange of information among partners. NetSuite also tracks customer service metrics to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and efficient call resolution. By automating sales and marketing processes and providing accurate forecasts, NetSuite enhances team performance and adds predictability to the sales pipeline. It enables businesses to analyze actual sales data and projections, identifying growth opportunities. Additionally, NetSuite integrates native apps, including payment processors, directly into the CRM software.


QuickBase is a cloud-based CRM tool that enables businesses to effortlessly create and customize their own business apps, even without any coding knowledge. With QuickBase, you have access to a wide range of templates specifically designed for various industries and business requirements, or you can choose to start from scratch and personalize your own sheets. The process of designing workflows is incredibly simple and user-friendly, thanks to the intuitive point-and-click interface. Additionally, QuickBase provides comprehensive documentation and support to ensure that you have all the resources you need.

One of the key advantages of QuickBase is its seamless API integration, which allows you to connect and synchronize data with other systems, eliminating any potential data silos. Moreover, QuickBase offers role-specific dashboards that provide relevant and personalized information to each team member, enhancing collaboration and productivity. To further streamline the app development process, QuickBase also offers a library of pre-built apps that can be readily customized to suit your needs, saving you valuable time and effort.

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a highly efficient and user-friendly customer relationship management tool that places a strong emphasis on simplicity. While it may not provide the extensive range of advanced features such as AI automation or detailed sales reports, it excels in meeting the specific requirements of small business owners who value a streamlined approach to managing their customer relationships. Additionally, Less Annoying CRM offers a straightforward pricing structure and an intuitive onboarding process, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a centralized platform that can effectively manage various tasks, contacts, events, and calendars.

Although larger businesses may face some challenges due to the limited integration options and customization capabilities of Less Annoying CRM, its user-centric design and focus on ease of use make it a viable solution for businesses of all sizes. By utilizing this CRM tool, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and improve customer relationships, ultimately leading to long-term success and growth. Less Annoying CRM provides a hassle-free experience that enables users to effortlessly manage their customer relationships. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize the platform to its fullest potential.


Zoho CRM is a comprehensive sales software suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including automation, product customization, marketing tools, CRM data security, and sales analytics. While the abundance of features may be overwhelming for new users, Zoho CRM offers cost-friendly pricing plans. By opting for annual plans instead of monthly ones, you can save up to 34%. Additionally, Zoho CRM provides a mobile app for convenient business management on the go.

Automating repetitive sales tasks, Zoho CRM saves time and boosts productivity for your sales team. This allows representatives to focus on nurturing leads and closing deals. The software facilitates lead generation, captures customer information from various sources, and routes customers to the most suitable sales representatives. With its AI-powered analytics engine, Zoho CRM provides insights into your sales pipeline and lost deals. Managing accounts is made simple with Zoho CRM, as it enables you to handle contacts and track conversations throughout the buyer’s journey.


HoneyBook is a tool that is specifically designed to assist users in effectively managing their leads, facilitating communication with clients, and effortlessly sharing important documents. This all-in-one solution offers a user-friendly and streamlined workflow that covers the entire client management process, from the initial point of contact to the final stages of invoicing and receiving payments.

While HoneyBook does provide some automation features and basic integrations, it is important to note that it may not be the optimal choice for larger enterprises with complex needs. However, for freelancers and small businesses, especially those with a need for unlimited team members, HoneyBook proves to be an exceptionally suitable option that can greatly enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. One notable advantage of HoneyBook is its commitment to providing a hands-on, free migration and set-up service for all new subscribers. This valuable service ensures that even users who are new to CRM platforms can effortlessly make a seamless transition and quickly get started with HoneyBook. Moreover, the platform itself boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to navigate and utilize its various features

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