Top 2 Technologies for Securing E-commerce Payments

Internet security is an issue that concerns every active user. It is known that additional tools and programs allow fraudsters to gain access to data that can be used or sold. Given this, company clients are concerned about the level of protection.

Top 2 Technologies for Securing E-commerce Payments

Effective protection methods help take care of customers (and reputation). The protocols are based on multi-stage verification of the user’s identity. To do this, they use one-time codes, offer to go through two-factor identification, and confirm the legality of the transaction.

How to protect payment for services and goods

Secure payment systems are payment methods that require protection from unauthorized access. To achieve this, e-commerce companies use multi-level verification of user operations and commands. Often, the technology includes several stages:

  1. Encryption. Thanks to the tools, it is possible to change the appearance of information and make it unreadable to outsiders. Data can only be decrypted if you have a unique key. The more complex the code, the lower the likelihood of stolen personal information.
  2. Tokenization. The principle is similar to the previous one but has unique features. The method is that the received data is encrypted using tokens. Interception of information is possible, but the fraudster will only be able to decrypt files with the necessary key.
  3. Multi-level authentication. To complete the transaction, you need to confirm the owner’s identity. To do this, the system requests information that is not specified in it, as well as information that is valid for a limited period and includes the unique characteristics of a particular person.
  4. Anti-fraud system. Monitoring the owner’s actions is similar to what is used to find instagram account. The system uses machine learning technology and applies the results to combat fraud.

It is noteworthy that the user verification procedure takes several minutes. During this time, the system manages to receive and process data, as well as allow (prohibit) the operation. Considering the advantages of technology, e-commerce representatives enjoy the trust of their customers.

The most secure payment methods

Electronic payment methods are pleasing with their variety, but the level of security differs from case to case. Clients are not interested in studying detailed reviews, so they look for companies that are ready to offer a wide range of options with the required protection. The e-commerce industry is oversaturated with variety, but there are only a few payment systems that are secure and take into account the trends of the modern world.

Payment online by bank card

Banks took care to protect their customers. Tracking actions on a map and machine learning are only the visible part of protection methods. Additionally, clients are offered:

  • unique pin codes that are never repeated and are not known to the banking system;
  • sending messages to a phone number that is confirmed by the owner and linked to a bank account;
  • a telephone call (less often a video call) to confirm the operation.

Thanks to an integrated approach to protecting clients, we were able to achieve a high level of security. Using multiple types of information ensures that the real account owner requested the transaction.

Payment from an electronic wallet

Multi-step authentication methods protect this payment method. The account owner is being verified without even noticing it. To access the use of an electronic wallet you must:

  • unlock your phone using fingerprints or code;
  • gain access to your account in the payment system;
  • confirm your identity by indicating the access code in the message.

Thanks to a thorough check, it is possible to confirm that a person issued the request to transfer funds.

The second stage of protection is data tokenization. Information processing is carried out unnoticed and without user participation. It becomes impossible to use encrypted data because this requires a key and access to a secure server.

Service providers who offer payment by card or e-wallet gain customers’ trust and protect them from unauthorized access by fraudsters.

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