Top 5 hosting companies who accept crypto

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, especially during a couple of recent years, but that trend is still at the very beginning. Lots of huge corporations and organizations are not accepting crypto for a variety of subjective reasons. Luckily, web hosting providers are more rapid with their payment mechanisms and have used Bitcoin and other virtual currencies for quite some time.

Here we will try to narrow down your search to the 5 best Bitcoin VPS providers that are available on the market. If that topic sounds interesting continue reading and you will get the most relevant information about top hosting companies that accept crypto.


This awesome web hosting provider offers variety of solutions for reasonable pricing with the possibility to pay with cryptocurrency.

All the available hosting plans can be easily bought with the crypto of your choice. The most basic pack with minimum characteristics of 1 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, and CPU with 2 Cores will cost you the smallest possible sum. Don’t believe it, then just enter their official website and you will be shocked by the price range. Together with all the plans, users have access to a professional support team that works 24/7 and can help with any issues or struggles that can occur with new clients. With more expensive packages, users are getting more features and higher characteristics of storage, memory, bandwidth, and CPU.

As for the available locations for VPS, clients can choose from the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Poland, Italy, and much more.

Evolution Host

This hosting provider specializes mainly in the in-game servers so they have a variety of specific products in the niche. The most used options are considered to be Game VPS, Game Server hosting, Minecraft DDoS protection, and a variety of other options. The hosting provider is an experienced player on the market with a huge history of 20+ years. During such an extensive time period company has reached a certain level of success and continues to improve the service with all possible innovations. They are fully oriented on the satisfaction of the users and have fantastic customer support service.

Users have access to a variety of locations worldwide so it is possible to get the lowest possible latency for the target audience. As for the price range, you can get extremely cheap plans with basic characteristics or get more expensive options. Everything depends on your budget and preferences in terms of performance and speed. Moreover, like all the companies in our top, this one also accepts crypto, especially Litecoin, BNB, Ethereum, and others.


Host1plus offers access to dedicated servers, Enterprise cloud, and VPS, and those solutions are great for any type of client starting with small businesses and ending with huge companies. High-performance characteristics are due to the top hardware on the automated platforms. Every client is individually treated according to their needs and the web provider offers customizable solutions. Together with a diversity of plans, users can get 24/7 support assistance during the entire process starting from ordering.

More than 15+ locations are offered for the users and also a range of crypto for the convenient and fast payments. Users can pay with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and more.


This web provider offers lots of hosting solutions such as dedicated servers, VPS, SSL certificates, domains, and other options for all clients.

HostSailor is in this list of the best companies that accept cryptocurrency mainly because of high customization, and easy integration with all the OSs. Moreover, the servers have 99.9 percent of uptime. The prices for the VPS can be extremely minimal only a couple of dollars so anyone can find a great plan for a reasonable sum of money.


This web provider gives a great combination of low prices and at the same time with variety of options. The hosting provider has a diversity of plans both for new users and large organizations with high-performance needs. Among a variety of packages, users can choose such as VPS, Cloud hosting solutions, CyberPanel solution, Minecraft server, and many more.

Of course, the major criterion for this provider is acceptance of cryptocurrency, users can pay with more than 70 options that are supported. For those who are searching for a cheaper hosting solution, the best idea will be to choose shared hosting. This user-friendly and easy choice is fantastic for new clients who just want to start their online journey and don’t know where to start.

To conclude, as you see lots of companies have started to accept cryptocurrency for a variety of reasons. The major one is quickness and cheaper procedure when compared with international bank payment. Also, the usage of crypto adds an additional anonymity level for the clients so it becomes much harder to track online activity.

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