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What is FastEdge and How Does it Work

Gcore’s FastEdge emerges as a pioneering solution, reshaping the landscape of edge computing.

What is FastEdge and How Does it Work

This innovative platform, designed for developers and businesses alike, harnesses the power of serverless technology at the network’s edge, offering a seamless, efficient, and scalable approach to application deployment.

What is FastEdge?

FastEdge is Gcore’s answer to the increasing demand for more efficient, reliable, and scalable computing solutions.

It’s a serverless edge computing platform that fundamentally changes how applications are developed, deployed, and managed, making the process faster, more secure, and more user-oriented.

The Essence of Serverless Edge Computing

Imagine a scenario where a developer can deploy applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

That’s the beauty of serverless computing – it abstracts the servers, allowing developers to focus solely on the code.

FastEdge takes this a step further by integrating serverless computing with edge technology, meaning the applications are not just server-free but also benefit from the speed and reliability of edge computing.

How Does FastEdge Work?

FastEdge operates through two distinct methodologies, each designed to optimize web applications by leveraging edge computing technology:

Direct Edge Function Execution

In this mode, FastEdge allows certain functions to be executed directly at the edge of the network, bypassing any need for alterations to the HTTP requests.

This method is pivotal for enhancing the application’s speed and scalability.

It achieves this by enabling edge network servers to process certain code requests directly, reducing the load on the application’s main web server and speeding up the response time for the end users.

HTTP Request and Response Enhancement

Under this approach, FastEdge nodes actively modify incoming HTTP requests based on the predefined logic of your functions.

Once modified, these requests are forwarded to the application’s server.

Similarly, the HTTP responses from the application’s server are intercepted by FastEdge nodes, which then apply your custom logic to modify these responses before delivering them to the end users.

This method is particularly useful for tailoring the content or behavior of the application in real time based on the edge node’s processing.

The general workflow for integrating and utilizing FastEdge is relatively straightforward and uniform for both methodologies:

  • Code Integration: Users integrate their code onto the FastEdge platform initially. During the platform’s early beta phase, this integration is primarily handled via an API, with a graphical user interface (GUI) in the pipeline for future updates.
  • Global Deployment: Once the code is integrated, it’s deployed across FastEdge’s global network of edge servers. This deployment ensures that the traffic directed to your application is intelligently routed and load-balanced through FastEdge’s extensive array of nodes, optimizing performance and reliability.
  • Request Processing and Response: As user requests hit the FastEdge network, the edge servers’ runtime environment processes them by executing the deployed code. It then promptly responds to the user’s requests with the processed HTTP responses, ensuring swift and efficient service delivery.

Key Benefits of FastEdge

Adopting FastEdge brings a multitude of advantages, from enhanced performance to improved security.

Its serverless nature, coupled with the power of edge computing, opens up new avenues for developing applications that are inherently scalable, resilient, and responsive.

Scalability and Efficiency

Consider a retail business that experiences fluctuating traffic, especially during sales or promotional events.

FastEdge enables such businesses to scale their applications dynamically, ensuring high performance during peak times and cost savings when demand is lower, all without compromising on user experience or security.

Enhanced Security

FastEdge provides an isolated environment for running applications, minimizing the surface area for attacks and safeguarding sensitive data effectively.

This is particularly crucial for industries like finance or healthcare, where data integrity and confidentiality are non-negotiable.

Practical Applications and Use Cases

FastEdge’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of applications, from dynamic web content to IoT device management.

Its ability to deliver content quickly and securely is beneficial for industries ranging from e-commerce to online gaming, where speed and reliability are crucial for user satisfaction.

Example: Streamlining E-Commerce

An e-commerce platform can leverage FastEdge to deliver personalized, real-time content to users worldwide, regardless of traffic spikes, ensuring a smooth and responsive shopping experience.

This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also enhances the platform’s ability to handle high traffic volumes, especially during major sales events.

Getting Started with FastEdge

Embarking on the FastEdge journey is straightforward.

Developers can quickly integrate their applications with the platform, enjoying the benefits of edge computing without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Gcore provides comprehensive documentation and support, making the adoption process smooth and efficient.


FastEdge by Gcore is at the forefront of a technological revolution in edge computing. It offers a blend of speed, security, and scalability that is transforming application development.

Its adoption signifies a shift towards more efficient, user-centric computing, enabling businesses and developers to unleash the full potential of their applications.

As technology progresses, FastEdge continues to evolve, promising an exciting future of serverless edge computing.

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