What Makes the Ultimate Slot Game

One noticeable change that has taken place during the past twenty years is that online casinos have become more popular than their land-based equivalents. This is something that holds true for more or less every country in the world.

What Makes the Ultimate Slot Game

Even the USA, which is home to the casino paradise of Las Vegas, is witnessing the inexorable rise of online casinos. The simple fact of the matter is that these sites provide everything a player can get at a land-based venue in a more convenient way.

Not all of the games that virtual casinos provide are equally big with consumers though. Slot games reign supreme as the most popular online casino choices and no other game is getting close to toppling them.

In the following article we are going to examine what makes the sort of slot game that players cannot get enough of. Keep reading to learn the secrets of the ultimate slot.

Top Slots Ever

Perhaps we can get some clues by looking at the ones that have gone down in history. Out of the thousands produced by the game developers, certain slots have had that little extra something that ensured long-standing success with the public.

When people are searching for a slot machine online, games like the Rainbow Riches series and Starburst tend to be near the top of the list. That has been the case for many years, but what are the key features that have earned them ‘ultimate slot’ status?

An Effective Theme

It would be hard to find a slot in the digital gaming age that does not have a theme, but not all of them work. Lower grade slots deploy their themes as surface level gimmicks and the storylines have little or no resonance for the public.

On the other hand, a slot like Rainbow Riches explores a fantastical/mythological version of Ireland. That means a land of lush, emerald-green countryside, blue skies and rainbows with leprechauns hunting for pots of gold.

It is an idea that any player can grasp immediately and it makes for colorful and inviting visuals. It also taps into the search for gold that has driven human beings for as long as they have existed.

Strong Audio Effects

The audio effects – otherwise known as sound design – should work well alongside the visuals. If the two blend effectively, the theme will come to life and create an immersive feel to the game.

Both Rainbow Riches and Starburst are examples of that. The former makes use of traditional Irish music. The latter underlines its outer space theme with suitably spacey sound effects at various points in the play.

A High Return to Player

The return to player – or RTP for short – is a very important part of the ultimate slot. It gives an indication of what percentage of their bets a player can expect to claim back in winnings.

Every single online slot machine has an RTP, but they vary wildly in terms of how high they are. Some of the games within the Rainbow Riches franchise, like Leprechaun’s Gold and Drops of Gold, have RTPs of more than 97%. That is well above average for a slot game and is a really big factor in their long-running success.

No game with an RTP below around 96% should ever be considered a truly top one from the perspective of the customer.

High Grade User Interface

Slot games are supposed to be fairly simple to play, but that can depend on the quality of the user interface. That means the main game screen with the reels on it, as well as the pay lines, minimum and maximum betting information etc.

The ultimate slot games feature intuitive design that places all of the most important things a player needs where they can easily be found and checked during the play. That way they are able to focus fully on the game itself rather than being distracted by a search for that information.

Attractive Bonuses

A slot that does not feature bonus rounds that have the potential to produce further wins will never make it into the front rank. Players have much higher expectations of slot games now.

These rounds are usually activated through the Scatter symbol. Therefore if a game has a Scatter it is a good indicator that there are bonus games that can be unlocked during the play. Of course these games have to be entertaining to play, relevant to the main theme of the game and offer prizes that catch the eye too, for the slot to secure top level status among discerning casino fans.

Those are the five main elements that go into making a top of the range slot game and are what players should look for when they are choosing.

Anton Dulevych

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