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Finance & Economics

Efficiency in retail: Everything you need to know

Eada Hudes Author   The retail business is complex and there is a huge amount to manage from one day to the next. From managing your inventory to scheduling your staff, keeping track of your finances, marketing your business, working with suppliers and all of the other things that you need to stay up-to-date with, […]

Finance & Economics

3 tips for successful social trading

Kendal Smith Author   Social trading is a fascinating, ever-evolving, and vibrant way of trading and investing that will elevate your trading expertise. You may have observed that trading is getting increasingly accessible. The number and diversity of tools and networks are astounding. Social trading is the most recent market development, as it combines the […]

Finance & Economics

10 reasons why do successful businesses outsource?

Dan Martin Author   Building a successful business requires one to make several decisions. One is on how they will run operations, whether it’s about using an internal or external team. It is important to learn from successful businesses before making such impactful decisions as a business owner. According to MarketStar, top brands, including Amazon, […]

Society & Lifestyle

7 ways to make money with technology

Simona Mkhitaryan Author   Technology is one of the most versatile tools that we have at our disposal. With it, we can do everything from communicating with loved ones on the other side of the world to staying up-to-date on current events. It turns out we can also use it to make money. Here are […]

Society & Lifestyle

Skills you need to negotiate your future salary

Jim Hughes Director of Content   Are you looking to negotiate your salary for a better, more stable financial future? In this guide, we’re looking at some of the skills you need to develop in order to be in the position to ask for more money. A lot of people could earn far more if […]

Finance & Economics

Everything you need to know about hiring freelancers & contract management

Abayomi Aje Author   As an entrepreneur who is just starting or an experienced business manager, you may sometimes see the need to turn to freelancers to carry out specific tasks instead of employing staff. Why? Because this practice is cheaper, it requires little to no paperwork and less onboarding time. In fact, according to […]

Finance & Economics

Effective marketing strategies using proxies: things to know

Dan Martin Author   Marketing is an essential way of oiling your revenue generation machine. You’ll limit your positioning in new markets and undermine new business opportunities without it. Well, the challenge does not stop there. Conducting marketing, especially digital marketing, has a lot of challenges. You’ll face a varying degree of internet access restrictions […]


When does a personal loan make sense?

Sara Evans Author   An unexpected bill can be financially devastating for people living paycheck to paycheck. Even a minor financial setback can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If you’re in a situation where you need money quickly, a personal loan may be a good option, especially if you don’t have any savings. […]

Finance & Economics

5 types of statement reconciliations & why they’re important

Eada Hudes Author   Account statement reconciliation can be safely assumed to be one of the integral parts of the backbone of a running business and its financial management. However, maintaining and preparing complete documents such as supplier statement comparison reports can become tedious. It is imperative that they are accurate and complete. There are […]


4 things to check before buying NFTs

Robert Surdel  Author   If you’re reading this article, you’re probably quite interested in the current NFT craze. NFTs, or, non-fungible tokens, are units of data on a blockchain that are completely unique, and as such, can work as a tradeable digital item, to great effect. It’s only natural that you’re curious about them – […]

Finance & Economics

How to avoid mistakes when investing in real estate

Mortuza Reza Author   Real estate is a lucrative investment and a great way to build wealth. Although it seems to some the main thing you need to do is throw money into it, this is not entirely the case. Indeed, you will need some money to put into the property. But, many factors come […]

Finance & Economics

Why reviews are more important for your small business than you thought

Natalia Kołkowska Author   While every company should treat its clients appropriately, it becomes crucial if you run a small business. In such a case, you probably cherish every person who walks through the door or makes a purchase through your website — and rightfully so. However, many small business owners repeat one mistake — […]

Finance & Economics

3 trading styles of Bitcoin that traders should not miss out

Adelmo Silva Writer   As cryptocurrencies start to gain traction in financial markets, Bitcoin trading, much like forex trading, has become a go-to strategy for earning profits and risk management by traders. Moreover, with governments and financial market regulators starting to get more interested in cryptocurrencies, it is only expected for more individuals to join […]

Finance & Economics

7 ways to choose a right subscription platform for your podcast

Dan Martin Author   Premium podcasters are getting premium paychecks for their voice and insights. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top-earning podcasters: Joe Rogan generated $30 million in 2015 through his The Joe Rogan Experience. The podcast is now exclusive on Spotify, with highlights on YouTube. Dave Ramsey earns $10 million annually from […]


U.S. government further attacks Russia’s economy

Alisa Adamska Author       Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world has shown its opposition by imposing a large number of sanctions on the Russian Federation. While these restrictions are aimed primarily at the Russian government, it is Russian oligarchs who are most affected by them. Given the financial nature of the sanctions, […]

Science & Technology

5 methods for achieving SOC-2 compliance in a corporate organization

Dan Martin Author   Developed by AICPA, service organizational control (SOC) is a voluntary standard for corporations that provide various services to their clients. SOC specifies how the corporation should store and use its customer data. Although the SOC-2 compliance reports are customized in accordance with the requirements of each organization, the fundamental compliance requirement […]