MACH Alliance Announce New Member Adyen

The MACH Alliance group of independent technology companies announced on January 6 that its structure will include Adyen (AMS: ADYEN), a global financial technology platform.


MACH Alliance announces new member. Source:

Adyen provides comprehensive payment capabilities, analytical data, and financial products as part of a global solution. The company’s clients are Facebook, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft.

The news about the entry of a new firm into the MACH Alliance is a signal that this group of companies retains momentum for development. There is information that several more firms will join the alliance structure this year. Currently, the group of companies includes more than 70 brands. The most famous of them are Sephora, Puma, Costa Coffee, Google, and Amazon.

Kasper Rasmussen, president of the MACH Alliance, said that the company’s group will continue to adhere to the concept of a gradual increase in membership in the future. He also stressed that more and more brands meet the standards of certification of the alliance. Kasper Rasmussen noted that cooperation with new companies strengthens the association.

The head of the group of companies emphasizes that without such modern players as Adyen, many brands and enterprises would not be able to cope with the current challenges in the economy. Karl Rasmussen believes that developers of modern financial solutions are an integral part of the implementation of unified commerce for retailers and contribute to digital innovation in its true form.

Brian McDonnell, senior vice president of partnerships at Adyen, called joining MACH a natural decision. He noted that the success of the brand depends on the strength and flexibility of the digital foundation. Brian McDonnell also stated that unified commerce for retailers and other fintech players would be impossible with outdated technologies.

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