Mastercard Launches Web3-Focused Incubator

Mastercard launches an incubator focused on web3.


Mastercard will help artists communicate with fans in a new environment. Source:

The incubator will help artists communicate with fans in a new environment. Mastercard representatives announced this at CES 2023 on Friday.

The program provides aspiring artists with web3 tools and skills that will help promote creativity in the sphere of the digital economy. In a virtual environment, representatives of creative professions will communicate with experts and experimenters. Artists will also study web3 in order to apply this concept in their activities.

As part of the new project, Mastercard is collaborating with Polygon, a scalable blockchain. Last year, Polygon interacted with other large companies during the implementation of the acceleration program. The blockchain platform also collaborated with clothing brands that launched NFT projects.

After joining the incubator, artists will learn how to mint NFT. They will also be able to navigate virtual worlds and create their own communities there.

Mastercard’s new project confirms that the company intends to occupy a niche in the field of digital assets. Previously, the brand has established cooperation with firms that are focused on cryptography. Mastercard also has experience in expanding the NFT ecosystem with Coinbase. The company spent the first week of the Grammys with Roblox in the metaverse, where it provided immersive activations and in-game branding.

High-ranking Mastercard employees have previously stated that they see the crypto space as a promising area for further development.

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