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Walmart Looks to Generative AI as Grocers Tap Self-Service

At a time when grocers are coming up with the most effective results of using a self-service strategy while simultaneously eliminating the shortcomings of this format, Walmart is actively paying attention to artificial intelligence to make its digital tools smarter and increase their effectiveness.


eBay and Techstars Launch Accelerator Program for Innovations in eCommerce

eBay and Techstars, as part of the implementation of the cooperation program, intend to launch an acceleration initiative for companies that carry out their activities in the field of e-commerce and are at an early stage of existence.


Helium Health Gets $30 Million

The African startup Helium Health announced the attraction of investment funds in the amount of $30 million following the results of the Series B financing round.


What Is an Investment App & How to Use One?

In the digital age, investment apps have emerged as powerful tools that have transformed the landscape of personal finance and investing.


BIS Successfully Tests Quantum-Safe Financial Communications

The BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre in partnership with European banks has successfully set up a quantum-safe communication channel that shields financial data


Robinhood Customers Shift to High-Yield Deposits Amid Banking Turmoil

Robinhood Markets reports that its customers are switching to high-yield deposits.


Standard Life Partners Moneyhub for Open Finance Integration

Standard Life is teaming up with Moneyhub to roll out the open financial instrument Money Mindset.


Worldline and VTEX Partner on Global eCommerce and Payments

Worldline and VTEX have established a partnership to combine efforts to provide e-commerce and payment services at the global level by multinational merchants.


Shopify Launches Rewards Program for Users of Shop Pay

Shopify announced the launch of a new rewards program for Shop Pay in the USA.


NestAway Sells for $11 Million

Technology firm Aurum acquires NestAway, an Indian startup that has previously demonstrated positive development dynamics and is a real estate rental platform.


Uber Launches Features for Business Travel

Business trips are gradually returning to the category of popular services, and Uber, understanding the dynamics of the emerging trend, is launching new products and features that will make such trips more efficient and provide a high level of comfort.


Hostaway Raises $175 Million to Expand Property Management Software

Hostaway company announced the attraction of investment funds for 175 million dollars.


Ant Group Achieves 2022 Carbon Neutrality, Doubles R&D Expenditure

With the help of green computing technologies, Chinese fintech giant Ant Group reduced carbon emissions by over 62,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) in 2022


Stripe Introduces Charge Card Program for Stripe Issuing

With the addition of charge cards, Stripe Issuing users can create and distribute virtual or physical charge cards that allow their customers to use credit costs rather than spending the funds in their accounts


Sorbet Launches On-Demand PTO Cash Advance Solution

“With rising prices and a looming recession, Sorbet helps employees by unlocking extra compensation that they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise,” says the company


Google Wallet Adds Support for QR-Based Cards and Insurance Cards

Google on Thursday, June 1, announced the Google Wallet update.

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