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Worldline and VTEX Partner on Global eCommerce and Payments

Worldline and VTEX have established a partnership to combine efforts to provide e-commerce and payment services at the global level by multinational merchants.

Worldline and VTEX Partner on Global eCommerce and Payments

In a joint press release of the companies, which was published last Thursday, June 1, it is indicated that as part of the implementation of the cooperation program, Worldline’s payment processing capabilities will become an available feature for sellers who are users of the global corporate digital commerce platform and marketplace VTEX.

Kelly Harvin, Worldline’s head of global channel partnerships, said that cooperation between firms is a promising and successful solution, given that the e-commerce sector currently has obvious potential for further growth. She also noted that the VTEX platform enjoys a high level of consumer demand and is an industry leader in Latin America. Harvin stressed that these achievements of the partner are consistent with the experience of Worldline in different geographical locations and different markets.

The press release indicates that the Worldline and VTEX joint activity program should help other brands operating in the field of e-commerce expand the geography of business. This cooperation will provide consumers with several offers, including payment processing, tokenization, comprehensive support, and monitoring of threats from fraudsters.

Santiago Naranjo, Director of Revenue at VTEX, said that the partnership program is being implemented during the period of the continued growth of this company in Latin America and the expansion of its activities at the global level. He noted that each new region is a space of unique opportunities and specific problems. For this reason, according to him, the firm’s clients need something more than a universal solution.

Naranjo stated that the Worldline payment processing functionality and the integrated VTEX platform will allow many enterprises to combine all elements of the value chain and achieve positive results in markets with complex specifics.

VTEX became famous in 2008 as a Brazilian outsider technology firm that opened a Walmart digital account in Brazil. Since then, the company has been serving consumers from other countries. The firm’s reputation is positive due to a quick start at the initial stage of activity and an excellent understanding of regional peculiarities.

The founder and co-CEO of VTEX, Mariano Gomide de Faria, said in March last year that digital commerce has moved beyond the category of side business. He also noted that his company is exploring multi-channel opportunities that have appeared against the background of the limitations of the usual commercial activities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, and said that people have learned to make purchases in the online space.

Roman Tazetdinov, Worldline’s head of geographical expansion, said in May 2023 during a conversation with media representatives that sellers within the framework of cross-border expansion should study the payment landscape of new regions so that the start on the market would be successful and with minimal costs and risks.

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