Greenlight Launches Financial Literacy Game for Kids and Teens

Fintech company Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc. announced the launch of Greenlight Level Up, an interactive financial literacy game.


Greenlight announced the launch of Greenlight Level Up, an interactive, curriculum-based financial literacy game. Source:

Level Up goes beyond the national K-12 personal financial education standards developed by the Jump$tart coalition and the U.S. Council on Economic Education. The goal of the interactive game is for children to master the skills of proper handling of money. The developers also say that through their efforts they would like to make the younger generation more confident in solving financial issues.

According to representatives of Greenlight, in the USA 93% of teenagers are sure that they need financial literacy to achieve their main life goals. This point of view is supported by 97% of parents.

But only 23 states have personal finance courses for students. Teenagers score an average of 64% on the National Financial Literacy Test. This fact suggests that there are serious problems with the financial education of the younger generation.

Created by experts in academic and game design, Level Up rethinks financial education. The involvement of children and adolescents in the process of acquiring knowledge is ensured with the help of a mechanism for solving problems and receiving rewards. It is also possible to simulate real situations. This means that students will be able to invest money in the game mode according to the real standards of the financial market.

Players are rewarded with coins, experience, and stars depending on the percentage of correct answers and earn badges as they progress to the next level. The animated visual design developed taking into account the interests of children and teenagers.

Jennifer Seitz, a certified financial education instructor, and director of education at Greenlight, said that the purpose of the interactive financial literacy game is to form children’s understanding of what money is.

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