Gold Rate Today in Delhi

Gold Jun 23, 2024 1 gram USD 80.06

Gold rate in delhi

Live Gold Price Per Gram in Delhi

Today Yesterday Price Change
1 gram USD 80.06 USD 80.06 USD 0.00
8 gram USD 640.47 USD 640.47 USD 0.00
10 gram USD 800.58 USD 800.58 USD 0.00
troy ounce USD 2490.09 USD 2490.09 USD 0.00
100 gram USD 8005.82 USD 8005.82 USD 0.00

The price of gold in Delhi has experienced a significant increase in momentum since the beginning of the year. This surge in momentum can be attributed to the decline in equity markets during the same period, which has led investors to consider gold as a safe and secure asset. Despite being somewhat overlooked in recent years due to its relatively stable price movement, the decrease in equity prices at the beginning of this year has sparked renewed interest in gold as an investment option. For individuals who are interested in purchasing this precious metal, we are pleased to provide the current gold rate in Delhi. This valuable information will be highly advantageous for those who wish to take advantage of the current market conditions and make well-informed investment decisions.

Gold rates in Delhi differ from those in other cities due to several factors:

  1. Octroi charges: The octroi charges in Delhi are different from other cities, which affects the gold prices. Octroi charges refer to the taxes levied on goods when they enter the city, and these charges can vary depending on the location.
  2. State taxes: Various state taxes can also impact the gold rates in the city. Each state has its own tax policies, and these taxes can affect the overall cost of gold in Delhi.
  3. Transportation costs: The transportation costs within the city can also alter the gold rates. Factors such as fuel prices, distance, and mode of transportation can influence the final price of gold in Delhi.
  4. Making charges: Other costs, such as making charges, may also vary. Making charges are the additional fees charged by jewelers for the labor and craftsmanship involved in creating the gold jewelry. These charges can differ from one jeweler to another, contributing to the variation in gold rates in Delhi.

These factors collectively contribute to the variations in gold rates observed in Delhi compared to other cities. It is important for buyers and investors to consider these factors while making decisions related to gold purchases in the city.