A platform for quantum computing simulation is launched

The platform will be used in research and educational purposes

quantum computing

A platform for quantum computing simulation is launched. Source:

Huawei has released a cloud service platform for quantum computing simulation — HiQ. The platform includes a quantum computing simulator and a quantum programming framework on the simulator.

HiQ provides cloud services with both full and single-amplitude simulations. The platform will be fully open to the public as an enabling tool for quantum research and education.

As Huawei noted on its official website, HiQ is equipped with a distributed architecture and an algorithmic optimizer to overcome challenges associated with memory capacity and network delays. Moreover, a quantum error correction simulator is integrated for the first time in a cloud service platform, which can perform simulations of stabilizer circuits with of tens of thousands of qubits with a performance improvement of 5-15 times, compared with an open-sourced counterpart.

Huawei also showcased its quantum programming framework for the first time, which can significantly improve the performance of a parallelized implementation of quantum algorithms.

“Quantum computation is a revolutionary technology that is different from classical computing,” said Dr. Man-Hong Yung, Huawei’s Chief Quantum Computing Software and Algorithm Scientist. “It is also a future-oriented core technology for cloud computing. Quantum algorithms provide a new perspective to AI algorithms, inspiring better classical AI algorithms and offering more powerful computing capability. Huawei’s HiQ will be fully open to the public, inviting developers, researchers, teachers, and students, to jointly innovate and promote technological research and industrialization of quantum computing.”

Quantum computing represents an exciting computing technology for the future. For some computing tasks, it may take tens of thousands of years for classical computers, a quantum computer could complete the same task in just a few minutes or even seconds.

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