Aldi Introduces App-Free Payments at Checkout-Free Store

Customers at the checkout-free concept Aldi store in London can now simply tap their contactless payment card or mobile phone at a barrier to enter the store.

Aldi Introduces App-Free Payments at Checkout-Free Store

Discount supermarket chain Aldi has introduced contactless app-free payment entry to its innovative no-checkout Shop & Go store based in London.

Previously, first-time customers had to download the supermarket’s Shop&Go app on their phones, register, and add their payment details before they could enter the contactless zone.

Upon the entry, a preauthorised payment appears on the chosen banking card account. It is not charged directly but reserved. Once the basket total is known, this amount gets modified. Depending on the total sum, the retailer will either return the difference or charge the added amount.

With a new service, they can simply tap their contactless payment card or mobile phone at an entrance barrier. Disrespectful of the way they authorise themselves, shoppers can then walk around the store picking up goods before leaving without having to scan their shopping or go through a checkout. The payment is deducted automatically from their payment card or Aldi Shop&Go account.

To find out what goods and in what amounts have been purchased, the Shop&Go store uses specially-positioned detection cameras. Once customers have finished shopping and the price has been charged, they receive a receipt via the Shop & Go app or website.

Both the shopping app users with a set-up account and those who tap their contactless payment at the gate can enjoy group shopping. They need to use the chosen authorisation method to let in each person in the group. A single
account will be charged for the items all group members leave with.

Acceptable payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

The concept Shop & Go Aldi store is not a completely unmanned store. Despite the checkout-free shopping experience, the store has about the same number of shop assistants and other employees as ordinary Aldi locations. The store staff can help customers with technical questions, choosing suitable products, and age verification for select items.

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