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Amazon and Mastercard Join AI Safety Initiative

Amazon and Mastercard are among dozens of participants in a new initiative by the United States government aimed at providing security for artificial intelligence.

Amazon and Mastercard Join AI Safety Initiative

The e-commerce giant, whose scope of activity has expanded over past years to some new industries, including the technology sector, and one of the largest players in the payment financial services market have joined the consortium of the US Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC). This organization was created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is designed to promote cooperation between industry and governments to ensure the safe use of machine intelligence.

Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach says that trust in advanced technology is necessary for the full realization of the potential of artificial intelligence. According to him, the movement in the appropriate direction begins with the creation of a common set of meaningful standards that protect users and stimulate inclusive innovation. Michael Miebach stated that the public-private partnership, backed by AISIC, will be crucial to achieve the goal of building trust in artificial intelligence and will strengthen the so-called responsible AI.

Amazon, one of the activities of which is the best American delivery service, is collaborating with NIST in the Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium to create a new measurement science that will identify proven, scalable methodologies to facilitate the development of reliable AI and its responsible use.

NIST does not evaluate commercial products within the mentioned consortium and does not endorse any product or service used.

Amazon and Mastercard are part of a group of over 200 AISIC members. This association also includes such technology giants as Google, Microsoft, and Meta, schools such as Princeton and Georgia Tech, and various research groups.

Amazon will provide the Institute with $5 million in financial assistance in the form of computer loans to help develop tools and methodologies that can be used to verify the security of basic machine intelligence models. The company states its particular interest in creating evaluation methodologies for very large parameter artificial intelligence configurations and improving testing before launching relevant products while paying special attention to the risks associated with a specific domain. Amazon said that along with important ISO standards and contributions from other AI institutions, work in the specified direction will continue. In this case, the goal is to create a compatible and reliable base for the development and deployment of responsible digital intelligence.

AISIC, announced last year by Kamala Harris during the Global Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit in the UK, is the implementation of the executive order on AI signed by US President Joe Biden in October 2023.

Last week, Amazon discussed its focus on artificial intelligence as part of its annual earnings report. In 2023, the company announced many initiatives in the machine intelligence industry. These projects include automated vehicle inspection technology, a virtual shopping assistant called Rufus, and new advertising solutions developed using artificial intelligence.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy also sees AI as a way to improve customer service while growing revenue. He expects that the company will be able to generate billions of dollars in profits from offers of generative artificial intelligence.

Andy Jassy stated that generative machine intelligence is and will remain an area of Amazon’s close attention and investment. According to him, there are several initiatives related to artificial intelligence that provide the company with the opportunity to rethink a lot of customer experiences and processes. According to Andy Jassy, efforts in this direction will allow Amazon to earn tens of billions of dollars over the next few years.

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