Amazon’s Robot Workers to Manage Warehouse in Australia

The Australian branch of Amazon plans to move to the largest warehouse in this country.

Amazon’s Robot Workers to Manage Warehouse in Australia

After this move, the Australian unit of the e-commerce giant is implementing a large-scale innovative project in which a fleet of robots will carry out the process of managing a room with a size similar to the area of approximately 29 football fields.

The four-level fulfillment center has an area of 209 thousand square meters (2.2 million square feet). This facility will be ready for operation in 2025. Up to 25 million small goods will be mixed in this warehouse.

The impressive warehouse, which provides extensive commercial space, is located on the territory of the Craigieburn logistics complex north of Melbourne. 2 thousand people will work together with robots at this facility. The relevant information is contained in the statement of the Australian division of the e-commerce giant, intended for the media. The company also announced that at the stage of warehouse construction and finishing works, another 2 thousand jobs will be created.

The statement of the Australian branch of the company indicates that the robots will work together with people, moving containers with goods to them. In this case, the firm’s employees will get extra time and retain their strength, which in the traditional manual format of work is necessary to place goods for sale or select them for new customer orders.

The area of the new warehouse is 9 thousand square meters larger than the same indicator of the company’s existing robotics center in Western Sydney, which was commissioned last year. This facility is the property of Australia’s largest pension fund, AustralianSuper. The warehouse is managed and developed by LOGOS.

For Australia’s retirement industry, the value of AUD$ 3.5 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) unregistered assets such as warehouses have become more attractive as local consumers increasingly shop online.

The regional manager of Amazon in Australia, Janet Menzies, commenting on the functioning of the future robotic warehouse, said that in this case, the elements come to the associated user, and not vice versa. She also noted that the use of robotics will reduce the processing time of customer orders.

Amazon’s investment in the construction of a new warehouse indicates that the company highly appreciates the prospects for operations in Australia and plans its business in this country in the long term. The giant is optimistic about the possibility of growth in the local market. This attitude is fixed against the background of a reduction in household spending due to the rising cost of living. The e-commerce giant appeared on the Australian market in 2017.

Analysts of the investment and advisory group Jarden predict that the total value of goods sold on the Amazon platform in Australia will reach AUD$5 billion in 2024.

Janet Menzies says that the construction of a new warehouse will be a benefit for third-party sellers who can store their goods at this facility.

Increased investment in automated warehouses in Australia over the past few years has created new jobs in logistics.

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