Apexx Global to Offer Trustly’s Recurring Payments Method to Merchants

APEXX Global, a platform for organizing payments, announced the beginning of cooperation with Trustly, a global payment platform for digital transactions between accounts (A2A).

Apexx Global to Offer Trustly's Recurring Payments Method to Merchants

Source: Pixabay.com

APEXX Global stated that the purpose of this cooperation is to offer a method of periodic payments to Trustly sellers in global markets.

The Trustly solution is an innovative direct debit solution for APEXX merchants and customers. This payment method increases the conversion rate, reduces the number of transaction errors, and reduces the level of costs.

The Trustly solution creates mandates instantly. Innovative open banking APIs are used without additional account verification or manual processing.

The collaboration of the platforms will provide sellers with access to a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to manually setting up a direct debit mandate. A scalable method of periodic payments is available to customers from the EU and the UK.

APEXX and Trustly have provided the leading operator of the European tourism industry with a sustainable and scalable solution for recurring payments. The result was a reduction in the frequency of failures in the execution of orders to zero.

Peter Keenan, CEO of APEXX Global, stated that the company’s mission is to transform the global payment ecosystem for merchants. He also called open banking the most important tool for optimizing the payment process. Peter Keenan is convinced that cooperation will improve the service quality level for sellers.

Daniel Hecker, Trustly’s product director, said that after launching an innovative direct debit solution, more than 70% of users prefer setting up Open Banking instead of outdated manual processes. He also noted that the company not only offers new payment methods but also solves business problems and improves user experience.

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