Beauceron Security Gets CIBC Backing

The platform of the Canadian company SaaS for cybersecurity Beauceron Security has received funding from CIBC Innovation Banking.

Beauceron Security Gets CIBC Backing


The funds received by the company will be used to create new products and functions. Technological solutions that will be developed soon will help enterprises to get a higher degree of protection from cybercriminals. The company also promises that the new products will be as human-oriented as possible.

Currently, there is no information about the number of funds received by the firm.

Beauceron has at its disposal a platform that trains companies employees in an algorithm of actions that helps minimize risks in the virtual space. The platform also helps organizations with cybersecurity awareness programs.

David Shipley, co-founder, and CEO of Beauceron Security called receiving funding a fantastic opportunity for the company, which will allow it to fully implement ambitious plans. He also spoke about the positive experience of cooperation with the CIBC Innovation Banking team, which understands how to act in partnership with startups to allow them to unlock their potential.

Last year Beauceron launched a new service that provides feedback between companies and employees who have discovered emails with suspicious content. Recently, many firms have faced a significant increase in the number of workers’ reports of atypical activity and a decrease in the level of involvement in phishing emails.

As of today, SaaS has raised a total of $4 million of equity. Among the company’s investors are such firms as BankTech Ventures, Independent Community Bankers of America, Mariner Partners, and the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation.

Another security threat awareness platform that has raised funds is Riot. $12 million was raised.

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