Brex Spend Platform Expands to Enable Corporate Event Management

Brex, a global spend platform, launched a group events feature within its Brex travel solution that enables businesses to create and manage corporate events for employees.

Brex Spend Platform Expands to Enable Corporate Event Management

Brex, an American fintech company that offers business credit cards and expense management solutions to technology companies, expanded its Brex travel travel and expense (T&E) solution with a group events feature.

This allows the company’s business customers to book and manage events, travel packages, offsite meetings, etc for globally distributed teams of any size.

According to the company’s press release, Brex saw a >3x increase in offsite spend, compared to pre-COVID-19 pandemic. At the time when offline corporate events rebound, the companies have become more globally distribute, employing more remote work practices. Organizing a corporate gathering has become more challenging.

Therefore, the firm decided to update its tools for creating, organizing, and managing large corporate events.

With the new feature, Brex customers get the following benefits:

  • Event coordinators can manage all types of travel needs, such as organizing events, inviting attendees, sharing budgets and customizing travel policies.
  • It enables to plan group events of any size and type, such as company offsites, global team-building events, conferences, and customer events.
  • Event management functionality includes RSVP, agenda access, food allergy and preference management. The event administrators can then monitor attendee status and leverage given information.
  • Attendees may book and manage their travel needs across flights, hotels, and car rentals, using a Brex card for seamless expensing or personal cards for reimbursements.

All these features are available in one place, via a single portal of the Brex travel dashboard or mobile app.

Along with the update, Brex travel also offers existing features: global inventory management, customer support, exclusive travel deals, automatic receipts and reconciliation, travel tracking, customized travel controls, etc.

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