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ChatGPT Now Provides Links, Gets Rid of 2021 Limitations

Information provided by ChatGPT will now be up-to-date and more reliable, as the tool will provide verifiable links.

ChatGPT Now Provides Links, Gets Rid of 2021 Limitations

OpenAI, the creator of a popular generative AI chatbot ChatGPT, continues to work on the tool’s imperfections, updating ChatGPT with the capability to provide links it refers to and lifting the limitations to data before September 2021.

As reported in OpenAI tweet, ChatGPT can now not only browse the internet to provide customers with analyzed information but also complete the findings with direct links to original sources. The change is transformational since the AI-generated content becomes more authoritative with verifiable links.

Moreover, considering the swift changes in the informational landscape, another update is even more vital. The data used by ChatGPT is no longer limited to the sources published before September 2021.

Now, AI-powered browsing may become helpful also for tasks that require up-to-date information, such as technical research, trying to choose a bike, or planning a vacation.

ChatGPT browsing is currently available only to Plus and Enterprise users. However, OpenAI plans to expand the capability to all users soon. To enable the updated function, users should choose Browse with Bing in the selector under GPT-4.

At the same time, the update may roll out gradually, as some users reported that their ChatGPT requests reflected its ability to process data only up to January 2022. Others couldn’t access the browsing feature even despite being Plus users.

Earlier this week, ChatGPT also got more humanlike features: voice and vision. Namely, customers will be able to explain their requests vocally or show ChatGPT the image they’re talking about, in addition to typing their requests.

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