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CoinGecko Acquires Zash to Add NFTs to the Platform

Malaysia-based crypto firm CoinGecko has acquired NFT data infrastructure provider Zash to offer a single digital asset tracking solution that covers both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

CoinGecko Acquires Zash to Add NFTs to the Platform

CoinGecko, an independent cryptocurrency data aggregator, has reportedly completed its first-ever acquisition of an NFT data infrastructure provider Zash.

The amalgamation of the two platform’s capabilities enables CoinGecko to present both fungible and non-fungible token data on the same platform. The crypto firm believes that a more comprehensive view of how cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens move can boost efficiency and lower incurring costs for developers, traders, and researchers.

Zash has provided indexed NFT data across 87 marketplaces on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, and Bitcoin Ordinals. The platform tracks NFT metadata, historical trade, and lending data for this type of digital assets. The tool can also distinguish wash trades – an illegal type of trading that manipulates prices by creating artificial market activity.

With the acquisition, Zash’s clients and partners gain access to CoinGecko’s crypto data API, while CoinGecko shows NFT data on its web platform as well.

CoinGecko currently tracks over 10,000 cryptocurrencies from 900 exchanges, providing information on their price, trading volume, market value, developer strength, and community statistics.

Zash’s NFT data infrastructure will be incorporated into CounGecko’s existing API product by Q2 2024.

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