DFINITY & SingularityNET Join Efforts to Bring AI to dApps

The partnership between DFINITY and SingularityNET will integrate the Internet Computer blockchain with SingularityNET marketplace to advance decentralised AI infrastructure and bring AI-based services to dApps

DFINITY & SingularityNET Join Efforts to Bring AI to dApps

The DFINITY Foundation (DFINITY), a major contributor to the Internet Computer Blockchain (ICP), on Nov. 20 announced a joint initiative with SingularityNET, a decentralized AI (DeAI) marketplace, to further develop DeAI infrastructure, introducing AI-based services to decentralized applications (dApps) on the ICP.

The two organisations believe that centralized AI tools and services lack transparency in training data. That may lower public trust in the service outputs. Integration of AI into blockchain-based applications addresses these challenges.

Therefore, DFINITY and SingularityNET decided to provide AI and web3 developers with access to the blockchain capable of running DeAI. DeAI models on ICP will run entirely inside smart contracts. Thus, both the training parameters and inputs of the LLMs will be open-source and tamper-proof.

The SingularityNET Marketplace links AI service providers to blockchain application developers, ensuring all published LLMs are transparent and verified. According to the press release, the joint capabilities of the two organizations will enable developers to deploy complex DeAI models with algorithm execution rates standing at 11,500 transactions per second.

Since both organisations are experienced in blockchain research and development, they also plan to jointly advance AI Knowledge Graphs that are supposed to make LMMs on the blockchain more resilient and transparent. Besides, the partners will synergize their grant programs, as well as host hackathons and seminars to stimulate community developer engagement and provide DeAI developers with the necessary resources.

“These are amazing times to be building AI – AI is achieving new capabilities each month and an increasing number of experts are foreseeing a breakthrough to human-level AGI within the next few years. Given this context, it’s extremely important that we move rapidly toward making the most advanced AI systems on the planet available via decentralized networks, not owned or controlled by any elite group, Big Tech company or government agency. SingularityNET and DFINITY have each created critical tools and platforms enabling great decentralization of AI and AGI; bringing these two toolsets together will be an important step toward creating a decentralized AI network for the benefit of all humanity.”

Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET

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