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Digital Lending Platform Presta Raises $3.3 Million

A comprehensive digital lending platform Presta has been launched.

Digital Lending Platform Presta Raises $3.3 Million


This platform provides advanced solutions that ensure a fast loan issuance process. The platform announced its launch after raising funds for $ 3.3 million following the results of the preliminary collection of money by subscription.

The funding provided by Distributed Ventures with additional investments from Zeal Capital Partners, Matchstick Ventures, The Fund, Tech Stars, and Jumpstart Ventures will support Presta’s further growth and expansion of its team.

The platform’s loan software creates a universal service through which lenders can pay more attention to customer interaction and spend less time managing manual stages of lending.

Thousands of financial institutions annually issue loans to small businesses for more than $ 650 billion. At the same time, almost 60% of regional banks, which are among the main providers of loans for small businesses, do not provide the opportunity to submit online applications.

Leopoldo Peña, CEO and co-founder of Presta say that the main problem of the financial services sector, which is often voiced by lenders, is the lack of an adequate level of adaptation of lending processes to the technological realities of the 21st century. He also noted that the digital platform was developed specifically for small businesses and commercial lenders. Presta allows you to speed up the process of applying for a loan and determining it.

Sean Ellis, the managing partner of Distributed Ventures, says that the platform helps financial institutions to take a step toward the digital future of lending. He also noted that Presta focuses on the segment of public banks and credit unions, combining many functions, each of which is often managed separately.

Lenders can earn more income while simultaneously saving costs, which are the result of using inefficient lending tools. Modern business is looking for capital with the help of technology. Presta offers tools for building pipelines and attracting customers who own digital technologies.

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