DLocal Brings Cashless Solution to inDrive Brazil

A mobility and urban services platform inDrive has chosen dLocal as its provider for the new cashless solution in Brazil.

DLocal Brings Cashless Solution to inDrive Brazil

Uruguay’s first fintech unicorn dLocal partnered with inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, enabling to add a new payment solution for both drivers and riders to inDrive app in Brazil.

The integration is facilitated by dLocal for Platforms payment infrastructure for marketplaces. The solution was unveiled in April 2023. It allows to accept payments and disburse funds to sub-accounts within a single solution. dLocal for Platforms is specifically useful for to the gig-economy industry, e.g. online marketplaces, ride-sharing, and social media eCommerce.

According to the press release, Brazil has become the first location globally where inDrive implemented a cashless solution. With dLocal for Platforms, inDrive users in Brazil can now collect and disburse funds through local and alternative payment methods, like PIX. Before that, drivers needed to top up their in-app wallet, rider payments would deposit their funds there, and then inDrive took out its percentage.

Now, the process is much simpler. Rider’s payments go straight to inDrive, and the company then issues the drivers’ payouts.

“We are excited to bring a modern cashless solution to our Brazilian drivers and riders, made possible by our partnership with dLocal. This is a significant step for us as it marks inDrive’s first implementation of a direct cashless solution globally.”

Alexander Akhmataev, inDrive’s Latin America Director

Earlier, dLocal’s executives shared their views on local payment problems, role of emerging markets in global e-commerce, and many more, in an interview with PaySpace Magazine Global.

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