eBay to Launch AI-Powered Image-Based Listing Tool

eBay will expand its range of offers by adding an image-based listing tool to this list.

eBay to Launch AI-Powered Image-Based Listing Tool

Artificial intelligence is integrated into the new tool. As a result of the implementation of this technological solution, it is enough for sellers to simply take a photo and upload this visual material to the company’s app. After that, the artificial intelligence will automatically fill in the information about the product. Data about the new tool is contained in a message published on the company’s website.

Based on a single photo, machine intelligence can create titles, descriptions, and other important information, including the date of production, detailed categories, subcategories, recommended prices, and the cost of the delivery service to the buyer.

The new tool is already available to the company’s employees in the beta version format. According to the information contained in the message on the firm’s website, the possibility of using a new technological solution will be extended to the mass user segment in the coming months, but more specific dates have not yet been specified.

A tool for compiling lists based on images will solve the problem of the so-called cold start, which is typical for novice sellers. The company’s message notes that in this case, the issue of using the information that is necessary to create a competitive list is being resolved.

eBay said its artificial intelligence technology would give sellers with a more efficient way to provide extensive information. The company is convinced that the new tool will make the sales process smoother and increase its efficiency.

The new technological solution is based on the initial tools for describing the AI of the online marketplace. For example, eBay has already integrated machine intelligence to simplify and improve the placement of goods on its platform. The first version of the tool provided sellers with the opportunity to enter a minimum amount of information, including the name and category. Also, as part of the company’s initial experience of using machine intelligence, AI algorithms automatically generated detailed descriptions for ads.

Users positively perceived the appearance of the first tool for compiling lists based on artificial intelligence in the online marketplace.

The company claims that it has been integrating various forms of machine intelligence into its platform for many years. The firm’s message notes that traditionally there was a kind of compromise between a high level of completeness and accuracy of the content of ads, and simplification and acceleration of the creation of these materials by sellers. The company noted that with the help of AI, it is possible to achieve both goals and not make a choice between the completeness of information and the speed of creating commercial publications. Artificial intelligence can generate ads containing all the data necessary for a full product description. At the same time, advanced technology simplifies the process of compiling a list for sellers.

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said in the company’s latest earnings report that the online market is currently in the process of a technical rethink. He also stated that his firm’s mission is to reinvent the future of e-commerce for enthusiasts.

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