FINN Launches B2B Car Subscription Service in USA

FINN launched its car subscription service for businesses in the USA.

FINN Launches B2B Car Subscription Service in USA


This business-to-business (B2B) service is already offered in Germany. This offer provides businesses with access to six-month or annual contracts and specialized customer service managers. The relevant information is contained in the FINN press release, which was published on January 26.

FINN’s Vice President for B2B, Jan Hansen, says that for a long period in the USA and other countries of the world, traditional B2B providers have provided insufficient services to small and medium-sized businesses. He also noted that enterprises need a mobile solution that will provide quick access to inventory, will be easy to use, and will provide an opportunity for operational customer service.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of companies that offer car subscription services and an expansion in the scale of their activities. Such services are an alternative form of standard vehicle rental and a new way of paying for the temporary use of cars. On Wednesday, January 25, it became known that GO has increased to eight the number of states in which its subscription service is available.

FINN’s B2B offering joins an existing car subscription business that was launched in Germany in 2019 and expanded to the US in 2022. According to the company’s press release, this service is now available in 12 American states.

In the course of market research, the company found out that car subscription as a necessary service in everyday life is interesting to a wide group of consumers. FINN CEO Max-Josef Meyer stated that many customers prefer subscriptions to leases. He also noted that this service provides more flexibility and fewer obligations from the client’s point of view.

The company’s press release says that FINN’s B2B service was launched to meet the needs in the areas of consulting, construction, healthcare, business services, and other industries in which vehicles are necessary for the full implementation of activities.

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