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Galileo Launches Intelligent Digital Assistant for Financial Institutions and FinTechs

Galileo Financial Technologies has launched an intelligent Digital Assistant (IDA) for financial institutions and fintech.

Galileo Launches Intelligent Digital Assistant for Financial Institutions and FinTechs


Cyberbank Konecta is a conversational artificial intelligence engine that can handle 80% of common requests from banks, credit unions, fintech, and non–financial brands. An intelligent assistant can handle tasks such as customer adaptation, client support, and other forms of interaction.

Galileo Product Director David Fower stated that the new product was developed taking into account the unconditional orientation to the needs of customers and their perception of the services and solutions provided. He noted Cyberbank Konecta’s inherent understanding of the principles which carry out the process of interaction between consumers and financial institutions.

The digital assistant makes decisions based on modeling different scenarios of communication between banks and customers within the framework of the artificial intelligence mechanism. Cyberbank Konecta can meet all the needs of consumers by modeling their future actions and preferences in advance. The intelligent assistant works on any digital channel recognize voice and text, understands any language, and learns lessons from each episode of interaction with the client.

IDA technology is provided via the cloud, can be updated without disrupting daily activities, scaled, and integrated with other offerings.

Financial institutions, fintech, and non-financial brands can implement Cyberbank Konecta with any existing technology platform they use, or use Galileo’s service offerings to manage this technology.

Artificial intelligence technologies are becoming increasingly popular in business and finance. Operations through the use of innovative solutions have a higher level of efficiency, are characterized by the absence of unnecessary stages of implementation, and are by the absence of risks of misunderstanding.

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