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Google Announces Free AI Cyber Tools

Google has announced an initiative in which this technology giant intends to offer consumers artificial intelligence tools and investments for online security.

Google Announces Free AI Cyber Tools

Cut-edge technologies are used not only for constructive purposes. In some cases, tech products of a new generation become a tool with which criminals commit their illegal activities. Advanced technologies can also become a means for manipulation. The ability of artificial intelligence to generate the most realistic videos is an example of using new-generation developments in negative scenarios. At the same time, advanced technologies can be used to ensure a high level of security in a virtual environment.

Google has announced a new open-source resource based on artificial intelligence. In this case, file type identification is used to detect malware. The relevant information is contained in the statement of the technology giant, which was published on Friday, February 16. The mentioned tool, already used to protect some products, including Gmail and Google Drive, will be available for free.

The tech giant also plans to present a white paper at the Munich Security Conference this week. In this case, a detailed description of how Google uses artificial intelligence to protect data in cyberspace will be posted in the public space. The white paper will also contain a kind of policy agenda providing for advanced research in the sphere of machine intelligence and guardrails for autonomous cybersecurity.

Kent Walker, president of global affairs at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, says that the cyber defense initiative using artificial intelligence reverses the so-called defender’s dilemma, according to which the defender must be right all the time, and the attackers must be right only once. According to him, it needed a policy that simultaneously reduces risks and seizes the capabilities of AI.

Google also announced its intentions to direct additional investments in research grants and partnerships. In this case, the goal is to advance research initiatives in the sphere of cybersecurity using artificial intelligence and expand seminars on relevant topics, including AI-oriented modules.

Hackers are also integrating machine intelligence into their operations. Criminal gangs use large language models, such as OpenAI ChatGPT, to improve their strategies and eliminate various kinds of shortcomings. The relevant information is contained in the Microsoft report, which was published this week.

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